On "Sitting to Death"

@George Templeton Strong Are things really built that way? Because I'm 5'4" and fairly frequently I find that things are too tall for me.

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On Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

@cuminafterall Kojo Nnamdi is the best.

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On Is Your Voice Ruining Your Life?

@fabel Me too except for the second part. It's just a matter of whether I sound like a two year old or a ten year old.

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On Potential Future Content

@SuperGogo YES. Especially Bob and Eli.

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On Potential Future Content

@TheclaAndTheSeals Me, too, but I REALLY want this one: "You Won’t Believe How Much These 21 Cats Love Adrienne Rich"

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On Knocked Up, Knocking Back

@hallelujah Wow. Some people.

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On Friday Open Thread

@franceschances Wait she left the Hairpin? I noticed she wasn't around much but so sad. :(

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On Sorry About That!

While we're talking about technical issues, does anyone else have this problem? When I click the like button on the first comment in a comment section (like, the chunk of comments that's all the same color where it's one comment and the rest are replies to that comment), it changes the counter on all of the comments unless I click the like button on another comment or refresh the page.

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On "How I Stopped Eating Food"

@fabel Once in a while I forget to eat. For some reason I sometimes don't experience feelings of hunger even though I'm hungry.

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On Friday Open Thread


That would be amazing.

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