On OK, Cupid?

when i was on okcupid i found this lovely lady and everything she had posted intrigued me. i sent her a message, was clever, myself and started conversation confidently. she never responded. something about my profile or what i had said turned her off and she quietly passed on me.

months later i was already seeing someone but wasnt crazy about her. she took me to a party where i spent HOURS chatting up someone else...someone, so intriguing and interesting while the girl i came with got loaded and uncontrollably drunk.

the very next morning i couldnt stop thinking about the girl i was talking with in the kitchen for the entire night. i never got her name but small details of her life. i started googling as much as i could remember until i found her...the girl on okcupid who passed me by.

i shot her another message. she replied. we talked all day. then got coffee the next. took her stargazing a few nights later. then stayed over a week down the road. 15mos later she is the love of my life and we signed the lease for our first apartment together. and it all started with her not replying to me on okcupid.

Posted on July 10, 2014 at 1:48 pm 2