On The Hanging Rope Planter Redemption

I love this series. Thank for the laughs on this late March snowstorm day in the Northeast. :D

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On Get This Look: Citrus Fruits

Yes!! GTL is one my favorites. Thank you!!! :D

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Last Year I Met the Love of My Life During Harrowing Circumstances


Hugs hugs hugs to everyone. <3

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Last Year I Met the Love of My Life During Harrowing Circumstances

Oh, Baba Yaga, I need to heed your words. Just after the Iraq war started, I met the brother of a friend online. Chit chatted here and there, no biggie, we all chatted online, eh? We met in person and talked for a few minutes at an event in 2006. We ran into each other again at an event in 2009. Afterwards, he or I found each other on Facebook and he asked for my number. He started calling me from time to time and it was nice. I took it to a friendly interaction as he was living four time zones away. I finally figured out that he liked me. We spoke more intimately and the mutual attraction grew. Now, he's on the same coast and buried in PhD stuff. He said to me, "As pretty as you are and as much as we get along, I'm not dating anyone right now. I'm afraid it would be a few fun months of a very physical relationship and I'm trying to get away from that behavior. I need to get my head screwed on straight."

He's so smart and funny. He volunteers with little kids at an after school program for robotics/engineering. He was an Air Force pararescueman for years (read: the person(s) that extract wounded military personnel from behind enemy lines aka badass). Some of the people trained him for that job trained me as a youngster. He communicates simply, getting right to the point. He is gentle with me.

I go on dates here and there, but so far, very few compel me that way he does. I wish and do not wish to wash him out of my hair.

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On "The truth is, the ten or twenty minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic": Ariel Levy's "Thanksgiving in Mongolia"

Eyes welling up..... wow...... it probably didn't help that I'm listening to mournful, dreamy music.

Also, yes, like the others say..... this is important to read.

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On Haerts, "Wings" (Shlohmo Remix)

Thank you. There is so much more, interesting music in my head now as a result of Hairpin sharings.

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On Start Your Day Laughing: Sasheer and Nicole's "Pursuit of Sexiness"


Ugh, yeah, I saw that comment, too. Granted, the person has the right to their opinion. But, I think it's funny. Lemme share some of my reasoning.

I like how Sasheer's character was all about the money and also encouraging as well as a little frightening in the bedroom. First lay not so good? Ya play it off, ya have fun with it, ya check in with the other person to see if they had a good time. But, maybe her date did not have such a good time due to the character's pushiness about investing money in the relationship? Heck, I'd feel weird, too. It seems the character was encouraging due wanting the monies investment, but if the scene is parsed out, encouragement in the bedroom is a good thing. Sex positive! Yes, thank you.

I'd write more, but I want to straighten up the apartment a bit.

Later, ladies!!

P.S. Can we have more humor on this site, please? There is so much to be angry about in this world and there is also so much to laugh at/with. I really enjoy the thought provoking/rage inducing pieces, as they let me know about issues I might not know about. I live for the humor on this site, though. I find laughter is stronger than anger.

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On Start Your Day Laughing: Sasheer and Nicole's "Pursuit of Sexiness"

Oh my goshness!!! This is hilarious!!!! Poking fun at stereotypes, while simultaneously dealing in realness...... Yes, more please and thank you.

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On A Conversation With Adrienne Truscott, a Performance Artist Doing a One-Woman Show About Rape

My view on comedy is if it makes me laugh, cool. If it makes me think critically about my own life and experiences, even better. If I don't think something is funny, perhaps it's just not funny to me. Perhaps, it's funny to another person.

The other night, I watched Aziz Ansari's latest comedy special on Netflix. I didn't really care for the first half. The second half was hilarous to me.

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On Friday Open Thread


My hair used to be really short. It was not quite a pixie cut, but it was very close. I started wearing headbands a lot and only had the hair at the nape of my neck trimmed every so often. It took at while , but it did grow out.

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