On Friday Open Thread

@paper bag princess if school is not the place for teens to safely conduct chemistry experiments, what is?

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On Men I Might Regret Sleeping With Were It Not for the Music They Introduced Me To

ohhhhhh my 10:10 how i hate you for how i can never listen to copeland ever again.

the only upside is knowing how many bands i gave him and he is wrecked over now too.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

@excitedheart okay, still taylor hanson.

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On What's On Your Locker Door?

back then: taylor hanson, nick carter and jared leto, always, plus an ever-rotating supporting cast including paul walker, rob lowe, ryan gosling, and eminem among others.

now: kyle chandler (i mean, coach taylor if we're being real) and harry styles. no one else matters.

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On This Is an Actual Video of Frank O'Hara

And I am all at sea, at war,
if I ever had a chance I left it
there on the iron deck, my star:
I stride upon, but cannot heft it.

But I should be the master of my ship
not just a member of the crew!
Though she may think that I will slip
into insanity and the blue,

I will not, for I more and more
am master of myself each day,
and sometimes from a savage shore
plunge into surf and swim away

***sigh*** i try to think of this every single day. that man just got it.

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On If '90s Dude-Crushes Were Food

@pajamaralls HOW DARE YOU nick carter is a perfect angel! but he would not be a thanksgiving food. he would be circus peanuts.

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On My Mad Fat Diary

this show is beyond wonderful. it is so complex and real and beautiful. british tv for teenagers blows away everything in the us away.

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On [Move/Do Not Move] Directly to [New City/Another New City]

@TheBelleWitch i agree with this very much, sometimes the questions are so far removed from my experiences that it takes the advice for me to examine my own opinion. when the questions leave me unsure of what i would do or advise someone else to do, i usually have a gut reaction that is for or against the response and that is very interesting to me.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

@alabee i am really upset that someone would not take this well. i'll take a connie britton comparison any day.

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On Light-ish, Hippie-ish, Side Dish Ish/Help

@harebell what are "good" carrots? like... not baby? i really don't know, i guess there are varieties of all plants but i guess i just thought there were just carrots. i am totally useless with cooking, sorry, but now i need to know!

edit - i googled and OH MAN did you guys know carrots come in basically every color? I SURE DID NOT. but still, how do you know which ones are "good" and which ones are just basic?

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