On Of Long-Winded Female Writers and Role Models: Remembering Maeve Brennan

FINALLY a leading role custom-made for susan may pratt

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On Let's Revisit All of Now That's What I Call Music! Vol. 1

@karenb sorry to be debbie downer but mmmbop does not get played at every single show, which i only want to point out for those poor fans who just now go for their first time to see them expecting it and it doesn't happen. i would be SO MAD if that was me!

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On What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@Hellcat too close by next.

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On What Is a "Water Fountain"

@shart_attack Our liquor is just sold in regular grocery stores and convenience stores and maybe some pharmacies so this is so interesting to me. I have never heard anything other than liquor store!

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On Yoga Is 104.3 Percent Ruined

I can just hear the disdain in the words JAPANESE BRIC-A-BRAC.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood bling blong

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On Sleeping Over at Judy Blume's House

i hope this movie exceeds all expectations so someone will pay them to make summer sisters the way it could and should be done. i've been waiting 15 years for it to be a movie!!!

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On Thoughts Upon Receiving a Ludicrously Enormous Tip

also the same amount as 2 ke$ha tickets - the amount i just had to pay to have my car fixed after some loser wouldn't own up to plywood flying out of his truck and into my windshield. GAAAAAHHHHH thanks a lot, jerkwad, you took ke$ha from me i hate you.

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On Friday Open Thread

@JessAndNo i make my own, it is very easy and the cheapest way. if you can handle waiting for sales, that's the best, but i usually pay about $130 for all the supplies at full price and the last time i waited for a sale and found an online coupon, it was more like $70. i buy sassy strands brand from sally's beauty supply, 18 inch length, which is long enough to cover my boobs. they also sell weave sewing thread and clips. i usually use 4 packs of clips, they come with 3 each.

the hair comes in one big piece, so you you have to cut the width yourself. i do this by measuring across 4 different points on my head, roughly mid-ear, top of the ear, temple, and then just above that. i actually don't really "measure", i just hold the hair against those widths of my head. you wanna double the measurements, cut the hair to that width, then fold in half and sew the clips in - i do two clips on the lower two tracks and 3 on the top 2. i just googled videos on how to sew in the clips - it's really basic, just enough stitches to secure them in. that's it! it sounds like a lot of work but i promise you i am laziest person ever and even i think it takes pretty much no time or effert for what ends up saving you a ton of money. for comparison, i have spent less $ on making 3 sets this way than i would have on one premade set.

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On Friday Open Thread

@paper bag princess i agree, if you wanna mess around with stuff like that outside the curriculum, you should be able to approach a teacher or some kind of mentor or adult at the school to supervise, on your own time.

however, that particular combination of chemicals is known to be dangerous and potentially fatal. it's absolutely not harmless, in fact there has recently been a wave of posts going around social media sites notifying people if they come across such a combination not to touch it because it's the movement of the bottle that activates it into an explosive. so while i am fearful that everyone involved in this is ruining the future of a young scientific explorer, i am also skeptical that the student was 100% innocently just messing around.

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