On Q: What Are Llamas Like? A: Everything

I think as a child this Sesame Street segment gave me an unrealistic view of how mainstream llama ownership was. (Warning: llama teeth scraping noises.)

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On Friday Open Thread

@planforamiracle Ooh, thanks for the Baby Geniuses rec.

@Briony Fields The JV Club is great - Janet Varney interviews a variety of women (mostly comedians and actresses but others as well) with a focus on adolescence. It's a nice mix of light and serious. I also like Doug Loves Movies - movie game show structure with banter - it's fluffy but entertaining. I think I like listening to comedians on podcasts more than I like actual standup.

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On Friday Open Thread

@beezus. Also, some of the affordability is related to proximity to current or future 2nd Ave subway construction, so it's worth looking into that before you commit to something.

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@Daisy Razor It only just occurred to me during this recent Gatsby Moment we've been having that for all the deliberate ambiguities Fitzgerald creates in that book, it's not really possible to think that Daisy ran down Myrtle on purpose. Even though she would have had motive, technically. It's just made so clear that she's a character with basically no agency.

Also I keep wondering whether Tom's racism was meant to be quite as vile as modern readers take it. I have no idea where Fitzgerald stood on race, but I get the impression from the book that the point is more that Tom is losing his identity as an athlete and is trying to replace it by reading cheesy Big Idea books (ala Freakonomics) that he doesn't really understand.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Roxanne Rholes Yeah, I'm thinking I'll go the undergarment route - these seem promising.

@frenz.lo That sounds like an impressive technique - I think I'd be terrified that I would drop everything!

@all - thanks for all the leads! The pocket thing is mostly about wanting to be able to pull out my phone and read a few pages of my book whenever I am standing in line or waiting for the train without rooting around in a bag for it.

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On Friday Open Thread

@lora.bee It's so short - why not? As I've gotten older I am less bothered when I don't like any of the characters in a book and more interested in how language creates imagery. I still think the plot is pretty dumb and it's not like I got Deep Meaning out of it, but the writing is seriously phenomenal for what it is.

Which is one of the interesting things about movie adaptations of it - on the one hand I can see how tempting it would be to want to make a movie of it because he paints all these vivid pictures. On the other hand the folks making the movies seem like they can't bear to give up the text. I watched the Robert Redford one the other week and they kept giving characters dialog that had been narrative passages in the book - it didn't always really work as dialog but at least it was still there (I imagined the screenwriters rationalizing). And in this one there's this sanatorium framing device that somehow justifies using text from the book. It's like they want to make the pictures come to life but not give up the words!

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On Friday Open Thread

@cosmia I'm kind of enjoying the fact that we're having a pop culture moment where everyone is talking about a book semi-seriously? I think it's fun that so many people read it in high school and have opinions. I guess it helps that I'm not very emotionally attached to the book itself - I HATED it when I was a teenager, was surprised to be blown away when I reread it as an adult, but am totally fine with the idea of a playful or even totally ill conceived Luhrmann version.

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On Friday Open Thread

I want this to be the summer when I start wearing dresses. Anyone have links to/thoughts about/strategies for finding summer dresses with pockets & without much in the way of decorative frills or frippery?

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On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@This is my new username Yes. I've always been a feminist but this site has made me actively like women (and by extension myself) more - it has been chipping away at some internalized misogyny that I was not even aware of.

Also it is insane amounts of fun. Thanks for making this place, Edith. And good luck to Emma!

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On The Oddest Book Title of the Year

"My book has finally arrived! All my long hours of research, cogitation, composition, made manifest in this volume that will reside in libraries public and private for the ages. Hm, how should I open it?"

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