On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

Also I just want to say that this is a process. I do think our hair is all different and that different routines will work for different dudes. I see up-thread someone mentions that they never wash their hair but they always condition it, and I tried that briefly, and it made my hair a limp mess. But it may work for you! Other people do the baking soda/vinegar once a week and that does the trick, whereas for me that's too much and my hair gets kind of brittle and weird. All the vinegar is is a softener, and my hair is soft and fine as-is.

So if you're intrigued by this, just know that it might take you a few weeks or months to figure out what's going on with your particular hair and what exactly's gonna work for it. If after one week you feel gross and weird, don't freak out, stay the course!

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

I haven't washed my hair in nearly 4 years, and I never do the vinegar at all, ever. I do baking soda maybe once a month. My hair looks and feels awesome. I don't have to use product anymore, because it just looks like it's got product in it all the time. I LOVE NOT SHAMPOOING.

I had this epiphany when I was looking at a hairstyles book from the 70s and it was like, everyone's hair looks SO GOOD, thick and shiny like a horse's tail, what's the deal?? And the deal is, they didn't WASH it that much, and they didn't put any product in it. They brushed it all the time, to distribute the oils, they washed it once a week (with shampoo I have to assume was mellower than ours) and that was that.

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

@MaryMaryBoBerry Hey! Fellow short, fine, hair-owner here and I just want to tell you that our hair is actually IDEAL for this regiment (or lack thereof!). My whole life I struggled with this fine dumb hair that just lays there and you have to put a million pounds of product into it to give it volume and texture and shape. But guess what? When I stopped washing my hair, it started looking textured and volumized ALL THE TIME, without need of product. Our hair is naturally thicker and oilier than shampoo makes it, so you forget that what you're doing when you're adding product, a lot of the time, is just simulating oiliness and the rough/driness of hair that's a bit dirty. You should try it! I haven't washed my hair in over 3 years--and I almost never do the baking soda either, maybe once a month, and I NEVER do the vinegar, not for years. And my short, fine hair has NEVER looked better and it's so great to just have it look that way naturally!!!

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On My Beauty Regimen

Also what this country needs is a GUILLOTINE

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On My Beauty Regimen

Also this is an excellent satire and I love every word of it

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On My Beauty Regimen

Might I just point out how shocking it is to find such egregious sentence errors in our newspaper of record? To whit:

"It turns out that the Bedford, N.Y., bathroom cabinet of Martha Stewart, 72, is as well stocked as its gardening shed."

Excuse me, as WHAT'S gardening shed? The bathroom cabinet's gardening shed??? Or did they mean as Martha Stewart's gardening shed, in which case surely that "its" ought to be a "her"?? Clearly this sentence is meant to say that Martha Stewart's HOME has both a well-stocked bathroom cabinet and gardening shed, but that crucial subject-noun has been left out. Good job, THE NEW YORK TIMES

I'm sorry but it really chaps my ass. This is shit my freshmen do. America where did we lose our way

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On What I've Learned From My Side Job Critiquing Dick Pics

I am now very sad that as an old married woman who never dated during the cyber age I will probably never receive a dick pic. I never thought I would be sad about such a thing. Maybe I can get my husband to send me some.



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On Your Nice, Healing Echinacea Tablets May Be Merely "Powdered Rice and Weeds"

well I don't know. I had horrible ovulation-related night sweats for months and months, and nobody could help me. Doctors just were like, "huh. you must have a hormone imbalance but there's no way to tell for sure." They told me my only option was to go on ANTI DEPRESSANTS, because they sometimes have a side effect of regulating hormones. WTF? This is the "science" that is supposed to be automatically superior to the witchery of acupuncture or whatever? Give me a break.

So I did a ton of research and trial and error and settled on this really intense, expensive supplement made by a local witch woman that has wild yam and black cohosh. This supplement absolutely cured my night sweats, but the black cohosh is a heavy herb and it made my period come a week early every month, so suddenly I was on a 23 day cycle. After a year I stopped taking it and the night sweats came back, but I just felt weird about taking such high doses of what was obviously a very effective herb, as I read that high doses of blackcohosh can be bad for your liver. Again, when I asked my doctor she just said "well, whatever works, it's probably fine." Great, thanks doctor. So glad I am paying $600 a month or something for this service

So whatever was in those supplements was a real thing that did powerful work in my body. For whatever that is worth to this discussion.

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On A Wristwatch That Alleviates the Struggle (of Long-Distance Love)

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On What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@RNL Yeah, and again, it's really the CAPTION on the photo that is at issue here. If she loves her body, I am so happy for her! But why can't she love her body without putting a big "you are a lazy asshole with no excuse if you don't have this amazing bod" caption on it? The caption says "look how awesome I am--why aren't you this awesome?" Do we really admire people who express that kind of sentiment?? Ha ha ha NO. Anyway THAT is what is rude and shitty! Not the fact that she's skinny and feels great about herself, which, you know, kudos to her

"feminism" does not just mean "applauding literally every thing any woman ever says or does." That would be more like "sycophancy" and is creepy and dumb. I can say Margaret Thatcher was a fucking horrible human being without being "anti-feminist," e.g.


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