By mistersister on Zadie Smith on Spring, Climate Change, Apocalypse

I always find it really…fascinating? confusing? frustrating?…when people speak of climate change and it's possible, probable, horrible effects on the environment and then couple that with "my daughter" or "my granddaughter".
If you really believe that climate change will wreak havoc on the planet, why would you put another person the planet to contribute to it and experience its difficulties and miseries? Cognitive dissonance lives.

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By yunkstahn on Reasons Why Everyone is Engaged But Me: A Sampling

In my case, it's because of my short my short hair and because I'm a ridiculous, unlovable harpy. :(

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By novak on The Beauty Bridge

@dracula's ghost I have three everyday bras and two sports bras. Due to my size, that's about all I can afford (stupid expensive necessary supportive bras ;_;). I try to leave buying new ones for as long as I can - about every two years generally. The day I have a whole drawerful of bras is the day I know I've made it.

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By mochi on What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

@dracula's ghost ahhh i'm sold, i'm gonna try this. simple, good for the environment, cheap, natural, can't resist despite sense of foreboding. thank you for the advice (i THINK! dun dun DUN).

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By almostsixtydamnit on My Beauty Regimen

I love this so so so much. Salve on the horrible burn of that stupid original Martha and all of her stupid crap article

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By City_Dater on My Beauty Regimen


Martha's dogs have their own garden shed. It's where they hide when they think she might bite them in the face.

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By stuffisthings on My Beauty Regimen

@dracula's ghost She's got a LOT of money -- who says her bathroom cabinet doesn't have its own garden shed?

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By causedbycomma on What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

@Ellie Well, if it requires a serious answer, it's that 1) she put herself up to be ridiculed when she posted that picture and that response, 2) it's not just that she's not taking third world women and the lactose intolerant into account, she's making it sound like everyone who doesn't have her body is a bad person who is just making excuses, and 3) the picture's implication that having a great body is the most important thing to focus on, rather than the other things that make us interesting people, and that those other things are just "excuses" for not being hot, is profoundly anti-feminist.

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By StandardTuber on What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

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By RNL on What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

I'll send her a picture of my degrees and my paycheque and my bookclub and my fucking liberation.

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