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On Aideah and Sophayden


This reminds me of that one Anastasia book where she tries to give herself a nickname and considers Spike. SPIKE KRUPNIK.

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On Aideah and Sophayden


I could get behind Aragorn. Heathcliff...

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On Aideah and Sophayden


Hebrew names and the more obscure Biblical names are popular amongst Utah Mormons, as far as I recall (to wit, Zillah, Jael). Along with Book of Mormon names, of course. I'm actually sort of surprised that Ether and Mahonri AREN'T on that list.

@Ham Snadwich: YES. He is The Sex.

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On Aideah and Sophayden

@Ham Snadwich

Or a superhero. Like a poor man's Catman.

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On Aideah and Sophayden


I think these are all fine reasons for choosing the name. It is a nice name (admittedly biased).

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On Happy Hummus Day


Heh, no, I live in Cleveland now. Apparently there IS a Trader Joe's here...I must find it, I've never been to one.

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On Really Good Books That Happen to Be My Mom's Favorites


I love what I have wrought here. Cheers to you all!

Also yes. They were doing it. The stuff Barney says to her is so sexy...like about how her voice is good for lovemaking. MM-HM. Of course, you know their makeup sex was DYNAMITE.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Anne (and all the LMM heroines, really, including Kilmeny), but The Blue Castle killed me when I was fourteen and it kills me now. Of all her heroines, Valancy was most like me (which did bother me a tiny bit when I was younger because my name is Diana and, well, Anne's Diana is...not the awesomest).

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week


Yeah, I don't know why but I don't like them.

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On Moms


I wonder if its name is Astrid of Grenville.

/BSC flashbacks

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On Moms



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