On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@Janesy and, you know, the shitty winters are not THAT much worse than the shitty winters elsewhere.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

Ok, so, I posted in a bunch of threads about my relationship to my adopted hometown (15 years and counting), BUT
I know Rachel. Not super well, we're not buddies. But I know her, we have many friends in common, and she wishes she lived somewhere else, and has been bitter about "having" to live in Chicago since she got her tenure-track job here.
The city has problems. Every city has problems.
The city has successes. Joys. Beauty. Moments of wonder. Amazing people. The lake. Days like today, that are perfect and make up for February (almost). Free arts and culture all summer long. The best nonprofit theater scene (Rachel's field!!) in the country.
Is it for everyone? No. But it's for me. It's not for Rachel. Does someone at a university somewhere else--NYC I suspect--want to offer her a job?

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@shechemist@twitter You are the best, thanks, let's be friends. I live in Chicago and am raising my kids here (ok, so far "kid + fetus"). I live in lincoln square, where dogs and babies come standard, and work on the south side, where not all is violence and hell.
I love love love raising my kids in the city. I grew up in the Boston suburbs and there is no amount of money that would convince me to raise children in the suburbs. BUT my husband grew up in the suburbs of NYC (which is to say: CT) and would happily flee to suburbia. Lincoln square is our compromise. But I don't know what you mean about "how" to raise kids in the city -- raise 'em as you would anywhere else! According to your values and style and hopes. That may mean fighting bigger battles for schools than it would elsewhere, but the tradeoffs are worth it for my family. But everyone is different!

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@elenachicago SO TRUE. When it's on, it's the best. But every February I threaten to move.

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On Chicago: Hot or Not?

@yrouttasight As someone who grew up in Brookline and now lives in Chicago...this warms my heart. Agreed.

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On Alone in Bali

@oh! valencia I'm the child of an expat in Bali. And...yeah. It's complicated. It's paradise, and amazing, and beautiful, and verdant, and peaceful, and then so poor and dependent on tourists and expats.

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On $638,412.97

This makes me feel much better about my own online shopping addiction (I too have accidentally ordered the same thing twice because I forgot I'd ordered it. But it was $9 baby shoes from a flash sale site. I too get deliveries 4 or 5 times a week. But my budget for my compulsion is...1% of his?). On the other hand, this a-hole can make sentences sing, even if at the end I feel totally dirty. How much money do you think he's donated to charity in the last 3 years? I have an internal tithing ration to curb my excessive consumption guilt (yes, I know excessive consumption is bad for the world), but this guy doesn't seem like the giving type.

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On $638,412.97

@Lola P. RIGHT?? Ugh.

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On All the Songs Featured on the Soundtrack of the 1982 Film Adaptation of "Annie," Discussed

I secretly love it. Nicole, can you do a follow up compare and contrast? and then see the Broadway remount and compare the stage version to the upcoming version with Quvenzhané Wallis?

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On Baby Swaddling for Evil and Profit

It's just ridiculous how everything with parenting is So Controversial. We swaddled, because that's how you get the baby to sleep. If he fell asleep in a carrier, I'd gently take the carrier off with him still in it and then use the tails and ties as a swaddle (away from his face, obviously). So, you know, the baby police would hate that too. But he slept! So we got to sleep (I mean, let's not go crazy, he nursed twice a night until he was almost a year). Without swaddling I would have lost my job. Any time we hilariously decided to see what would happen if we didn't swaddle...hahahahahahahahaha no sleep. You know what is more likely when you're super sleep deprived? PPD and exhaustion-related-anxiety/sadness/inability to function. Not good for parents or babies.

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