On No Future: The Sing-Off and the Art of A Cappella

My aggressive avoidance of anything that looks vaguely "viral" means this is the first time I've seeing Pentatonix! I love everything about that group! Their choreography! The beatboxing! Ahhh!

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On Erica Gets An IV

I have tiny tiny arm veins so this is relevant to me. I once made a poor dr's assistant cry in frustration because she could not draw blood after 5!!! sticks! I warned her! I warned her about my veins! Some people seem to take, "I have tiny veins that are hard to stick" as a challenge, unfortunately for me.

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On A Plan for Dealing With This

@Jinxie Maybe I just over-explained the joke? Although then we're just laughing at someone who's likely depressed.

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On A Plan for Dealing With This

People without a chair when the music stopped didn't end up in suburban San Diego, which sounds like a pretty regular and not-that-terrible place to live.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

@509331430@twitter Just don't register? My husband and I didn't register. We some unexpected cash. We got some incredibly sweet, unexpected gifts from family members who wanted to give us gifts. We got some booze. It all worked out.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

@muddgirl Yeah, my husband's cousins all had dollar dances, but no other wedding I've been to has had them! It's definitely cultural.

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On Now That I'm Married, I Only Use Crystal

And here I am eating cheese off a wooden cheese plate like a chump, all covering it with saran wrap!

I find it endlessly hilarious that we Americans want to mince around the whole act of giving and asking for wedding presents. It's such an impossible etiquette dance - don't ask for anything, but make sure to have a registry so you get what you want. Don't say you don't want gifts, because that acknowledges that gifts are expected (which they are). On the other side, for heaven's sake get someone a gift that precisely captures what the couple means to you... but make sure it's off their registry or you are a monster.

I much prefer the pockets of American culture where Honeymoon registries and dollar dances are the norm.

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On Abortion Restrictions in Texas Ruled Unconstitutional

According to the Dallas paper, only two parts of the law are enjoined - the requirement that practitioners have admitting privileges with hospitals, and the requirement that doctors follow woefully out-of-date FDA regimens when administering medical abortion drugs.

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On Improving My Woman Cave

The issue is that the Riddell NFL Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Mini Speed Helmet is pink, a color that is decidedly unfit for my Cleveland Browns Woman Cave.

YESSSSS. This whole post knocked me out but the last paragraph was just too much. I'm converting our guestroom into a Niner's Nation Women's Cave. Do you think I could get Colin Kaepernick wallpaper?

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On How to Mount a TV When You Have No Boyfriend, No Prospects, and Lack the Shamelessness Required to Ask for Help

That second drill was probably actually a driver, and might have come with some sockets (or maybe not, for $80). Driver and sockets combined form... ELECTRIC WRENCH OF POWERAWESOMO! Anyway, buy a socket set for your electric driver!

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