On $3 Million for 7 Weeks

@muddgirl And I should add that I believe that every doctor we've worked with has been trying to do their very best by their patient, but at the same time I'm glad I have been able to be with my husband and the doctors as much as possible to provide another viewpoint, another set of eyes and ears.

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On $3 Million for 7 Weeks

I don't talk about this a lot, because in most ways it's not my story to tell, but my 30-year-old husband was diagnosed in January with a rare cancerous tumor. While navigating the health care process we talked with about 5 different doctors with a wide range of experience with this tumor about his prognosis. Two different expert oncologists gave us widely different impressions of where he would be in 5 years.

We want our doctors to be impartial, unbiased experts. They want to be experts, too. But medicine is not an impartial science, and in the complete absence of certainty they bring their own personal biases to bear - for treatment or against treatment; for fighting to live or for fighting to die peacefully. Too, patients and caregivers have their own biases - my husband and I have walked out of dr meetings with completely different impressions of what was discussed.

There's been a lot of talk about "end of life" care decisions, but not a lot about if we need impartial (as far as that's ever possible) guidance for during-life care decisions. And this goes both ways - not only do doctors over-state survival chances when they unconsciously want to treat, but they also overstate the hardships of long-term disabilities when they do not want to treat.

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On The Cider Report

Oooh and if you want a classy looking bottle/label, look for Crispins. This is the classiest of ciders so it can be hard to find in regular bottles but they do exist.

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On The Cider Report

Beer gives me very bad heartburn, so cider is my "not-too-alcoholic, not-flat-like-wine" beverage of choice. Redd's is definitely not cider, and that goes for other apple-flavored ales. There's some scientific difference but the end result is I'm always sad when I ask "do you have cider?" and they hand me a can of apple-flavored beer.

My favorite ciders, in no particular order, are Fox Barrel for a sweet cider and the classic Strongbow for a dry (ie, not-as-sweet) cider. But I admit in a pinch I will drink whatever they stock at the local convenience store.

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On How To Do Pull-Ups

I've always wondered why pullups the end-all be-all of physical fitness. It's not like a pull-up is useful in a bunch of real-life situations - for that I would look to vertical climbing where leg-levers and arm-levers can be used in tandem, and people with long arms compared to their body can compensate with their other muscles.

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On If They Can't Dance, They Can't Kiss!

I went to high school in the City of Angels/Thong Song era too, and no one went to school dances at my school (except for prom of course). I went to homecoming dance my sophomore year and there were maybe 100 kids there out of a school of 1200.

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On Our Clif Bars, Ourselves

I don't agree with a single word of this article, but maybe that's because my true identity is first name Ted last name Bundy.

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On Who Is "You"? (Mad)

Arthur Chu is an occassional commenter on another site I frequent, so it's strange to see him get national press! There have been a few other contestants over the years who hunt for daily doubles, and as a viewer I do get disconcerted at the questions being all out of order, but on the other hand I love when people play creatively within the rules.

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On No Future: The Sing-Off and the Art of A Cappella

My aggressive avoidance of anything that looks vaguely "viral" means this is the first time I've seeing Pentatonix! I love everything about that group! Their choreography! The beatboxing! Ahhh!

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On Erica Gets An IV

I have tiny tiny arm veins so this is relevant to me. I once made a poor dr's assistant cry in frustration because she could not draw blood after 5!!! sticks! I warned her! I warned her about my veins! Some people seem to take, "I have tiny veins that are hard to stick" as a challenge, unfortunately for me.

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