By frenz.lo on Our Clif Bars, Ourselves

You can pry 'em out of my cold, dead, moderately nourished hands, snot rockets!

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By kateek on Erica Gets An IV

Many years ago, I had blood drawn before surgery, so that I could have my own blood put back into me. They had trouble finding a vein, so they tied a tourniquet thingy on my arm first. When they put the needle in, the result was pretty much the same as Erica here.

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By Faintly Macabre on Erica Gets An IV

@muddgirl When I worked at a medical practice, one of the Medical Assistants (who is also one of my Dream Second Moms) told me that at a previous job, the other MAs got jealous of her vein-finding abilities and hid difficult patients from her.

Luckily, I inherited my mom's super-easy veins, but I've still had some negligent lab techs hit a nerve or bruise me.

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By Nancy Sin on Erica Gets An IV

The morphine dreams. THE WORST.

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By celeec4@twitter on Erica Gets An IV

@Onymous Some of the younger ones seem to be unnerved by just watching. Apparently, most people don't intently watch a needle insert? Just glad to hear I'm not the only one who slightly unnerves the PAs and nurses.

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By celeec4@twitter on Erica Gets An IV

@muddgirl Oh man, tiny arm vein people, unite! I'll tell whomever's taking my blood, uhm, don't try for the one you can see, that one won't work...and about half the time they'll try for it. And always fail. Then look at me like I'm crazy when I go, yeah you have to, go for the one you can feel but not see? X_X

Like, I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but someone digging around with a needle in my arm is never fun. Also, it makes me look like a junkie for several weeks because I tend to bruise spectacularly.

ETA: OH! And then there was the time I had to get wisdom teeth out and I scheduled for being put under, because, taking all four out. And then they failed to get the IV going after trying every vein. AND THEN they effing charged me to the anesthesia anyways.

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By blueblazes on Erica Gets An IV

Once in college I had to sell plasma. Reason is not important.

Anyway, they put the needle in wrong. It worked OK during the part where they were taking blood out. But then, in the part where they're putting fluid back, it started to feel, um, Not Right.

I had to make a fair bit of fuss before they came over and helped me. It was closing time; they were cleaning the room. Meanwhile it felt like my arm was on fire.

Well, it turns out they were pumping stuff back into my arm... not into my bloodstream.

Ended up with dark purple bruising that went from my wrist to my shoulder from all the blood cells that basically pooled in my fat/skin/muscles.

And that is why I only sold body fluids that one time, kids.

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By Onymous on Erica Gets An IV

I apparently un-nerve the younger (nurses? phebotomists? PAs?) because I giggle reflexively. perfectly okay with watching them stick me and even willing to let them dig around for a second try but just laughing the whole time.

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By Naomi Kashinsky@facebook on Erica Gets An IV

Ever since I got sick, this is basically the story of my life.

Always the comments about my tattoos, always the fear and tears when I get an IV put in. (Which is every 3 months or so.) I can get my blood drawn like a champ, I can get tattooed for 3 hours without much in the way of complaint, but IVs?

Awful, every time.

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By up cubed on Befriending Your Best Friend's Girlfriend and Resisting the "One True Sex Act"

@hotdog Some animals masturbate or have sex for non-procreation reasons (like monkeys have MSM). It helps with reducing anxiety and bonding!

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