On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

@HereKitty Thank you! I was about to say. Don't get it twisted, Pinners.

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On Part Two of "Mother's Mind"

Thank you for linking to these articles. I wouldn't have known about them. Now I can send links to my therapist, and we can talk through the possibility of (and my anxiety re:) maternal mental illness and make a plan.

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On After Philomela: A History of Women Whose Tongues Have Been Ripped Out

I am a couple of days late--dissertation!--but I want to say that this is really, really excellent. Not enough really excellent things get comments here lately.

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On Some 15th Century Rainbow Beasts That a Cool Scribe Drew in the Margins of His Book of Hours

"so weird and so awesome" = the reason i study everything i study in the middle ages/renaissance.

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On Ask Santa

I recently received an old leather copy of the Ancrene Wisse.

I love Santa so much more now than I ever did as a child. Now, I think, I truly understand.

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On "Laughing Through the Tears": Talking With Jessie Kahnweiler About Her Dark Comedy, Meet My Rapist

@ellbeejay By which I mean to say, you know, thank you.

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On "Laughing Through the Tears": Talking With Jessie Kahnweiler About Her Dark Comedy, Meet My Rapist

I am emailing this to my therapist Right Now.

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On All the New Music Is Out (Mazzy Star, San Fermin, CHVRCHES, Britney)

This new Mazzy Star is so beautiful and perfect for my morning of reading lyric theory. It's as if my sad and awful-poetry-writing, high school self and my considerably happier and dissertation-writing, grown woman self are meeting for the first time. They have things to talk about.

I'll try CHVRCHES next, I promise.

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On "A Lady Who Followed Ever Her Natural Bents": Happy Birthday, Dorothy Parker

My best friend and I bonded over Dorothy Parker while we were sad-yet-witty undergraduates. We still do. Thanks for this!

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On Antoinette Tuff's 911 Call

I live and love in Dekalb Co., and I am so thankful for her. I wish I could hug her.

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