By Lily Rowan on Which of the "Three Personality Regions" in America Fits You Best?

@OhMarie I got Utah as well! And a big "fuck you" to anyone to anyone who thinks I'm insufficiently quarrelsome for the East Coast.

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By GEEKitty on Dear Office Hottie

I swear to the good lord above, if not for Office Hottie, all I would own is one interview outfit and then fifty pairs of cathair-encrusted sweatpants. Office Hottie - I learned winged eyeliner for you.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Dear Office Hottie

Better to have semi-seriously considered love and lose than to have not semi-seriously considered love at all.

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By titsgrande on Dear Office Hottie

"I want you to know that I have often pictured a life with you, as I have with most moderately attractive people on the street."

This. All the time this.

Also, this was great. Makes me despair of my office life a bit, but in a good way!

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By R&RKD on What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

What's your excuse for not having these arms? Wait, what's thalidomide?

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By Jinxie on Friday Open Thread

@iceberg Oh, man, I remember when my nevvie went through a "this guy" phase, but he usually directed it at others and not himself. For example, one holiday dinner when he was a few months shy of two, he decided he was done eating and tried to get down from his chair. His mom asked him who said he could get up and he looked around and then jabbed his thumb at Grandpa Jinx and said, "Uh...this guy here".
May the BBs soon learn the art of scapegoating.

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By dontannoyme on What's Your Excuse for Not Having My Body?

Actually why don't we put up an alternative series of people staring at the camera and demanding "What's your excuse?" Starting with Stephen Hawking. I mean what is my excuse for not being an astrophysicist? It's simply not good enough. Then we could do Marie Curie, Hilary Mantel and some other people who are awesome for reasons other than their abs.

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By kristenpdx on Friday Open Thread

Friends! I'm happy to say that I've been seeing an amazing guy for a little over a month. We had one of our best dates the other night, going to a concert at which we joked and laughed and made (light) fun of the opening band and people in the audience. We get along very well and have similar personalities. I am really anxious about relationships and have already tried to sabotage this a couple times, but he's been patient and forgiving.

I'm afraid to say that my feelings are growing stronger, because (1) it's early and I don't know how much I can trust this yet, and (2) circumstances preclude him from becoming a "serious" boyfriend for at least a few more months. I'm not that accustomed to casual dating so I wonder how long I'll be able to withstand it. On the other hand (the dominant hand, mind you), taking things slow-ish is better for my anxious psyche, and he is worth waiting for.

I'm happy! <--That's really what I came here to say.

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By discombobulated on Friday Open Thread

@iceberg True fact: My boyfriend doesn't read the Hairpin, but I read him the Tales of the Bergy Bits every week and he looks forward to them now!

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By adorable-eggplant on Friday Open Thread

@Emby It will be OK. They might be in the first flush of reacting to new information, so give them some patience/time to settle. They'll probably have an evolving reaction and might not start out with the best.

But doing shameful things, having secrets, keeping them too long, those are all human things. That humans do, and they're still lovable. Things are probably shaken (for now) but not broken. Because your parents have the capacity to forgive you. It's basically their most important parent job to do so.

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