On Commodity Fetish: This Is Not Really What a Feminist Looks Like

Just the fact that you are wearing a slogan tee tells me more about you than the slogan itself. It tells me that you are an "upvoter", that you appreciate soundbites, and that you enjoy being identified with the cause, possibly more than you actually support it.

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On Sangria Recipes for a Sweaty Summer

I drove to six liquor stores to find Lillet Rouge, a wine + citrusy liqueur blend that you can keep in your fridge and pour over frozen berries and ice cubes when you need a sangria and it is too hot to even chop. Also, saying the name makes you feel like icy Grace Kelly on chaise longue: Lee lay....Lee lay...

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On Ask A Costume Historian: Help, My Brother Wants Me To Be His Suit-Wearing Best Man

Ooo. Excellent feature. More costume historian, please!

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