Which English Do You Speak?

You know how when you look up a word on Merriam-Webster's website, a little video will start playing on mute in the corner and someone will silently tell you about some obscure word or irregular rule? The purple-haired woman who shows up in those videos is named Kory Stamper, and she's written a super interesting essay about different dialects of American English and their varying levels of prestige. READ MORE

Tudor PoC

If you're a fan of Medieval POC, or are generally interested in media representations of race, history, and race in different periods of history, you might be interested in a new book called Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor England (though it might be difficult to get your hands on it if you live in the States). READ MORE

Kawehi, "Heart-Shaped Box"

Electronic musician Kawehi covers Nirvana like a hurricane through your heart—plus you can actually understand the lyrics now! READ MORE

Someone Explain Dating to Me

Sometimes I think it's hard being in a long-term relationship because I don't know what "swipe left" jokes are supposed to mean, but then I remember about stories like this. READ MORE

Tagalongs vs. Peanut Butter Patties: The Great Girl Scout Cookie Regional Naming Rift


When Will A Woman Win the Iditarod Again?


"Hadn’t Cain Killed Abel for Less?"

Connie became pregnant, but my belly did not grow of child but of wild. And where her baby attached to her and sucked the life source, dormant things grew in me that only fed to feed again. And where her skin smoothed with life, mine grew sallow of contempt. And where she could no longer bring her knees or forehead to the floor in prayer, I made rakat after rakat in empty servitude—bargaining, reasoning, demanding. The single prayer I said was the baby prayer, the fastening prayer, the mooring prayer, the prayer that said I deserved more than what was received.

It reads like a smack-you-in-the-face-beautiful prose poem, but it's actually nonfiction, a personal essay by Kima Jones about the impossibly tangled emotions of sisterhood. It's blistering and beautiful and you should read it right now. READ MORE

Daft Punk ft. Jay-Z, "Weird Bad Unreleased Track"

Hey there, all you cats and kittens out in Radioland, do we have a treat for you! It's a Pitchfork-verified collaboration between Daft Punk and Jay-Z that was never released, probably because it is terrible! READ MORE

Photos of Hispanic Appalachia

Probably what surprises most people who look at this work, which is how much of a presence the Hispanic community has in Northeast Tennessee, and how it still goes unnoticed. For a long time the common media portrayal of Hispanic communities, in East Tennessee especially, was that of migrant workers, who still exist here, but there is an increasing amount of settled families now. That is what this project is about in many ways. These are people who live and work here and are becoming an integral part of Southern Appalachia.

At the Morning News, Karolle Robarison interviews Megan King about her gorgeous new photo series "Hispanic Appalachia," which documents the everyday lives of Latinos in what has been "historically one of the most conservative and homogeneous regions in the country." Click through to see the whole stunning set, and if you live near Big Stone Gap, Virginia, check out the exhibit at Slemp Gallery.

Let's Hold Hands and Talk About the True Detective Finale