On Finance 101: Debit Cards, Weddings, and Peaceful New Careers

I'll add to the USAA raves. I could swear a few of my friends were recently unable to obtain even their basic checking account because of new restrictions, but I managed to open one last year and I'm completely happy.

I love credit unions, but sadly many of us in NYC aren't eligible for most of them. I'm neither a member of a "real" union, nor Slavic enough (not to mention other random prerequisites). I've tried to join my fellow NYU Alumni in their CU a few times over the years, but they always seem to ask for your first born "for the protection of their members."

If any NYCers have recommendations for reputable local banks to accompany my USAA account, I'd love to hear them! I want to ditch Chase ASAP.

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On Women Laughing Alone With Salad

Hardcore pornography for the worst clients!

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On The Great Tampon Disappearance of 2010

They can be flannel for all I care, as long as they work and expand as well as OB and not sadden my wallet.

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On The Great Tampon Disappearance of 2010

Sharing is caring. That said, it seems like someone always bursts in with an exclamation-marked recommendation of a cuplike contraption when I really only want tampon information. 99% of us in the OB demographic are well aware of such products, and I imagine we either have no interest or will explore this territory if and when we feel like it.

My anger is channeled toward Johnson & Johnson, but I actually kinda prefer spinsterhood over sisterhood sometimes.

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On And the Amazing Race Winners Are...

Any team who talks about their "relationship" should be immediately detoured through a field of poo quicksand, or force-fed intestines on skewers.

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On Pasta Carbonara for Your Guy, Pasta Carbonara for Yourself

Once you try Roman-style, you won't go back to adding cream.

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On The Men's Health Holiday Gift Guide

What about "Dopamine receptor D4 girl?" I'll take that gift basket of Miike, Laphroaig, and Liquid Silk, thanks!

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On Women Not Quite Fat Enough to Hide Stolen Goods in the Rolls of Their Own Flesh

I keep seeing the word "stolen" in headlines for this story. Since it's the X-mas season, my brain registers "stollen" instead and I get momentarily confused.

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On F/M/K: Hugh Laurie, Rahm Emanuel, Anthony Bourdain

I'm usually not into silver foxes and I think this is a great list. However, I'd ditch the F/M/K and go with T/S/A (non-scanner option, of course).

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On Folgers Ad Surprisingly Incest-y

This version fared better among focus groups than the previous script in which young white guy returns from "teaching English in the Orient."

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