On Interview With an Element: Oxygen Phlogiston

i imagined the opening line as said by jeff daniels in true grit.

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@lalaland same! (chinese parents and all.) my mom once thought about getting an engagement ring after a mechanic asked her out, assuming she was a widow because she drove a minivan without any rings on. but i just don't have the same romantic feelings about engagement rings that most of my friends have, despite being otherwise totally assimilated. it's the same with changing names--my mom always had a different last name than my dad, and i never felt like it "meant something" one way or another.

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@blahstudent but also: engagement rings can be really pretty and meaningful, independent of whatever historical context my contracts professor alleges they arose in. maybe i will get one, who knows!

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

@dtowngirl plus, my contracts professor said engagement rings were consideration for your virginity, which--gross.

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On All vs. Enough

@liverwortlaura i actually really hate looking at these two pieces next to each other, because i don't feel like they are in conversation at all. to me, slaughter's piece was about why we treat women differently than men in the workforce, and how this contributes to continued male domination of powerful institutions. i didn't understand it as a piece about personal satisfaction at all. of course people can be content in situations that are in some sense unfair or unjust, and it is wise and valuable to examine what we individually want out of life. but to posit an individual answer as a response to slaughter's piece suggests that political problems are an issue of personal discontent rather than systemic injustice, or that women are wrong to strive for power when most of them could be perfectly happy without it.

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On Five-Minute Entertainment Break: "Sasheer Meets Her Flasher"

i love this, thanks!

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On Emily Hartridge's "10 Reasons Why" Series

@Emby so similar, and yet so different!

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On Friday Open Thread

@TheUnchosenOne These are my thoughts exactly. I thought Anne hathaway's cat woman was great, and maybe the most substantial role for any woman any modern blockbuster that I've seen. And yes, Bane sounded like creepy Sean Connery, which I found weirdly effective.

I haven't seen the dark knight, which seems to have colored a lot of critics' perspectives on the movie. I thought it was awesome!

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On Real Indians Don't Care About Tonto

this isn't just about who gets to speak for indians, it's also about authority, respect, and when questioning an authority becomes disrespect. (according to people in positions of authority, instantly.) as a young up-start, this sort of thing drives me nuts: because you're an older person who has done a lot of great things, you're right about everything? especially because i so frequently encounter older people who are just obviously wrong. but i also feel strongly that all people deserve respect, and that it's possible that older people deserve more just because of their status as people who have experienced more things. it's untenable.

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