On Venetian Blinds Make a Pretty Light Pattern on Hateful Young Woman's Face

I always hope that these sort of idiotic comments come from young, stupid people who are so insignificant that they can't possibly affect anyone's way of thinking or old rich white men who nobody gives a shit about and not awesome female professional athletes little girls look up to. sigh. http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/news/story?id=6215398

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On Feed Me's Dubstep Robyn Remix, "Call Your Girlfriend" (Also, Please, What Is Dubstep?)

Magnetic Man (who i got into because they've done some work with Katy B who i love) gave a great interview about dubstep last year:

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On Porn, Assne, "I Love You," and Short Guys

hells to the yeah! confidence like that in a guy (no matter how tall or not tall) is so damn sexy!

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On Dancing Alone to Pony, the Supercut

can we all agree that dancing to Pony with a small child in the room or in what is clearly an elementary school is just.so.wrong?

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On Poetic Snacks to Eat at 10 p.m., in 1950

none of these are helping me get over my stomach flu. especially what i am picturing is the cheese dunk.

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On Porn, Assne, "I Love You," and Short Guys

i'm 6 feet tall. my boyfriend is like 5'6 or something (i've never measured) and boy does he love it when i can reach for the very last bag of almonds on the top shelf at the grocery store. (sidenote: every girl he dated before me was shorter than him so he's probably not one of those rare has a tall girl fetish kind of guys. i'm never worried that he's only dating me because i'm tall). i've been tall my whole life and am just now (at 27) at the point where i can wear high heels and not give a fuck and date men who aren't as tall or taller than me. unlike dyeing my hair or waxing my eyebrows, i can't do anything about my height. i'm never going to be 5'7 so not wearing what i want or dating who i want and instead worrying about what people think is just a waste of time and energy.
though, it does get annoying when the drunk guy on the bus tells my boyfriend that he probably has to climb me like mt. everest...

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On Women Laughing Alone With Salad

my salad days. when i was green in judgment, cold in blood...

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