On Interview with Dr. Susan Robinson, One of the Last Four Doctors in America to Openly Provide Third-Trimester Abortions

Jia, you are amazing. Don't really have words except that this interview, this dialogue, is so important.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Blushingflwr I wish I had never made this comment because I can't stand the ridiculous replies I'm getting and being privy to peoples' incessant need to make comments that clearly demonstrate their lack of understanding of the main message. Screw this.

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On Objectivism at Night

@MalPal ughhhhh sucked in again. I don't have time right now to give what I think is a well thought out interpretation, but I don't want anyone to see this as copping out. I really will honestly write ya'll a missive if you want. Or you can email me at mkozuchvoice@gmail.com. I feel victimized and crucified at this point and it sucks because what I said didn't justify all this vitriol. So forgive me for wanting this thread to just be over with.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Gussie Fink-Nottle I'm afraid that I would end up typing a LOT, and I do not want to spew ill-formed thoughts while rushing as I currently am and then try to defend them. Also - I said before that I DON'T want to do that. You don't need my interpretation to understand what I said.

Please, everything there is to understand about what I said is evident in the above comments.

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On Objectivism at Night

@H.E. Ladypants It. Was. A. Joke.

A bad one. The sarcasm was not palpable. But thanks for expressing your opinion as someone else did.

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On Objectivism at Night

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On Objectivism at Night

@Vera Knoop Agreed, I think we both got our points across. Well, I hope I did anyway.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Vera Knoop I also feel the need to inform you that I do not call myself an Objectivist. I don't call myself any kind of "ist" except Vocalist. I merely see the beauty and merit of many of her ideas. Why am I not an Objectivist? I do not totally ascribe to her philosophies, because of aforementioned morally repugnant aspects (though I'm sure we would disagree on a few since you truly seem to hate everything she ever believed in).

All I wanted was for people to take a closer look (if they haven't already) to see if they could find the beauty I occasionally found because it most certainly is in there. I'm pretty surprised that I had to go to these lengths to explain myself after what I thought was a pretty neutral comment aside from my ineffective sarcasm at the end. I guess it's all part of learning how to communicate with other people.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Vera Knoop ***shoot I mean tenet NOT tenant***

I'm pretty impressed at how determined you are to make me out to be a bad person.

I have not attempted to provide an outline or my interpretation the tenets. And I said clearly I don't want to because the last thing I want is to shove my opinion down other people's throats.

My call was for those who are misinformed to fix that. I'm sorry you can not see that. If you disagree AFTER being fully informed, then that is completely valid and I would never persecute anyone for that. But if you're like "Damned Objectivist Mitt Romney" then I KNOW you don't know what you're talking about.

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On Objectivism at Night

@Vera Knoop No not ANYONE - people who associate Objectivists with people who clearly do no embody any of the true tenants - these are the misinformed people who bother me.

Why doesn't anyone read the comment. Sorry I'm getting pretty frustrated here.

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