On Liar, Liar, Food on Fire

Brains. I was probably 7 or 8. It took me years to trust again. (and even though they refused to tell me what I was being fed, BRAINS look like BRAINS... I gave it to the dog.)

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On Makeup and Veils in Tehran

@Nicole Sauvage@twitter these are women who would not be wearing a headscarf if they were not compelled by the government to do so. In the privacy of their own homes or at mixed gender (illegal) parties, they remove their roopoosh (like overcoat, what you wear over your clothes on the street to fulfill legal requirements) and roosari (headscarf).

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On Ask a Clean Person: This Valentine's Day, Say It With Jewelry Cleaner

@Emmanuelle Cunt Getting pearls wet is not the problem, it's the silk the pearls are strung on. Getting the silk wet isn't as much of a problem either-just take care not to pull on the necklace while the knots are still wet so they don't get permanently stretched out. The nacre is very thin on most pearls, underneath the nacre is an unshiny bead. You can damage the nacre with perfume, hairspray, and gunk build up (dead skin, hairstuff, lotion). Pearls are the last thing on and the first thing off- if you notice anything on the surface when you take them off, just run them through a soft cloth. Although people will tell you to restring every two years, my rule is to look at the knots, if you see any that look frayed or stretched, that's when they should be restrung.

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On But How Disgusting Is My Face, Really?

I did one of those when I was 22 (wow, 9 years ago) and I think there were only like 6 boxes. I was awesome in wrinkles, terrible in UV damage, and had the same pore alignment and placement as my cousin, which was weird to see. The memory has kept me in sunscreen since.

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On What's That Workout? Pure Barre

@battlestarlet Same thing in Boulder, but the end bump and grind is referred to as 'now for one last little bit of seat work' and tucking is always like zipping up a really tight pair of jeans. Isn't the consistency amazing though? Never any ass/heinie/tush/bum/butt/rear-talk.

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On What's That Workout? Pure Barre

There is a Pure Barre in town, but I'm a die hard Bar Method girl. Great instructors, fun music, and they lend socks if you forget to bring a pair. I'm feeling guilty about not going today but it snowed like a foot and I don't feel like leaving the house.

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On Breastfeeding in Art

My favorite breast feeding artwork is Jusepe Di Ribera's The Bearded Woman Breastfeeding 1631http://www.wikigallery.org/wiki/painting_295288/Jusepe-de-Ribera/The-Bearded-Woman-Breastfeeding-1631
It's hard not to love it.

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On The Hot-Rolling Hair Tutorial

Holla! Hot rollers have been gently guiding my hair and showing it the way since 2001. For the purpose, my favorite hairspray is Sebastian Shaper. It is also crucial to have bone-dry hair. You can't do just a half assed blow dry and expect results. Do it, bone-dry.

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