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On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Stop Thinking About This One Person I'll Never Actually Get With?

this is the best advice. any course of action involving defenestration is A+ in my book.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: First Parties, Working for Free, and What to Do When Your Gym Is Crawling with Children

The link to the pricing chart is broken :C your advice on that is dead-on, though!

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On Ramona Lisa, "Dominic"

ugh, that last shot is so gorgeous!

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On Estate Jewelry: Hippocampi, 18th Century Febreze, and a Circus You Can Wear

That coral tiara is wicked-looking. Perfect for the princess with darker ambitions, or a sleeping beauty who can bend her kingdom's thorns to her will.
(That gothic bracelet tho. Ugh!!! I am SUCH A SUCKER FOR CATHEDRAL IMAGERY)

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On Katy Perry, "Birthday"

For a second there I thought her bangs were massive eyebrows.

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On Wikipedia Lists for the Year of the Horse

I cannot believe Seldom Seen's wikipedia doesn't have a photo of him. Or, rather, I do believe it, and am torn between a burning curiosity for what he looks like and an absolute conviction that Seldom Seen's reputation be upheld.

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On If a Status Gets Updated But No One's "Around" to Like It...

@Heat Signature Oh my god, tumblr. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a better-designed timesuck than tumblr. The minute you've reached stuff you've seen before, there's already a ton of new stuff to look at. Never. Ending. I've had to change my password to my Neverwinter Nights 2 CD key just to give myself a fighting chance at actually doing work I enjoy. I've caved twice in as many weeks. Augh.

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On What Old Book Do I Read If...

When I first read the title I followed the ellipse with a "KRAKOWWW!" because of the lightning. And I just looked back up there and KRAKOWWW isn't written anywhere?!?! But it was very appropriately dramatic and I was impressed by the effect.

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On Which One Is Tracy Flick?

I won some student body position in fourth grade (I think I ran on getting more tutors? I didn't even know at the time how I won that) and I got pulled out of class once or twice to attend the council meetings and fulfilled none of my campaign promises. Yaaay politics! What are student councils for, anyway? What do they...do...exactly?

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On On the Happiness of Procreation

thank you so much for this.

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