On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

Blondish grad student - I have a suggestion for you! I have the same dark blonde/20-years-of-highlights issue, and now that I am a stay-at-home-mom I feel awful dropping the ducats on my hairs. My AWESOME stylist highlights my hair and then does a "base break" which is like a light gentle bleach treatment that just lightens up your color a little. When I get the whole shebang+haircut done it costs around $200 but because she is so talented I can go like six months without getting highlights and just go in every six weeks and do the base break - for which she charges next to nothing ($25 w/o cut if you leave with wet hair). She also does free bang trims. Can you call around in your metro area and see if any salons offer a base break between highlights, what they charge, and then try that salon? FWIW, I'm in Redondo Beach, CA, so if you live in LA google "Salon Barberet." :) It's so much more affordable than getting the whole head highlighted every six weeks. It grows out surprisingly well.

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On Beauty Q&A: Grays, OTKs, and Sleeping in Rollers

I wish I could post a picture here because I bought the pillow soft rollers and slept in them and my hair looks fucking amazing today.

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On Beauty Q&A: Grays, OTKs, and Sleeping in Rollers

Damaged-hair girl: I, too, damaged my hair pretty badly by heat-styling it on too high a setting. I just had a birthday and got a Sephora gift card and used it to buy an Ojon damage-reversal kit and it worked GREAT! I doubt that it truly "reversed" any damage (wouldn't that be actually impossible?) but it really, really smoothed my ends. I have naturally curly hair that is very thick but soft and super crazy frizzy unless I round-brush or flat-iron, but lately I've been making pin curls with clips and my hair turns out a lot like the girl in the video Jane posted. Naturally, I immediately purchased the soft rollers from Amazon. (ps, Jane, you should try to get some kickbacks from the products you recommend...this is not the first time you've sold me on something!) xoxo pretty gals

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On Breastfeeding in Art

Thank you thank you thank you so much for posting this. Signed, a nursing mother who loves breastfeeding and the Hairpin and feels really happy seeing them in the same place this morning. xo

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