On We Have At Least 8.8 Billion More Earth-Like Planets to Ruin

This is cool! BTW, studies aren't "by" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences-- PNAS is a scientific journal. The article was written by Petigura and his colleagues.

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On And the World's Top 10 New Species Are...

I can't be the only one who saw the cockroach and immediately thought "Jawa," right?

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On Hello to All That: 10 Books For Recent Grads

This is sort of a weird choice, but I was reading Lev Grossman's The Magicians when I graduated from my own small, strange, Hudson-Valley-located (though not magical, in the traditional sense) college. It has a male protagonist, but Grossman really nails the feeling of being set adrift in the world after living for several years in what amounts to a protected, idealistic summer camp where everyone walks around feeling smart and self-assured. Graduating from college was a tougher blow than I could have imagined, even though I had a solid plan, and this book really resonated with me at the time (and still). Being a huge fantasy nerd with a penchant for unlikable narrators helped, I'm sure. (Also, if absolutely every one of my real life acquaintances didn't know who I was on here, I'm sure this is the final straw).

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On A Brief Introduction

@callheralaska My Vassar pride is somewhat soothing my crippling fear of change.

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On Marriage, 2013

@parallel-lines @Jolie Kerr Boo are they really discontinuing the fennel? Google is revealing very little useful info. I am just starting to register and that is the nicest color :C

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On Here's Brad Paisley's Horrible New Song "Accidental Racist"

Welp, at first read I thought it said "Accidental Rapist," so... could be worse?

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@fondue with cheddar For sure! I hesitated to say anything because I didn't want to imply that there was anything at all wrong with this conversation. And it definitely gives a lot of insight into what is actually super annoying about making a huge wet mess every time you get busy. But I just couldn't help laugh a bit. Man it is so TOUGH to be having all of these HUGE EJACULATORY ORGASMS and LOUD AWESOME SEX. :P

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On Faking Orgasms for Fun (?) and Profit

@RNL @fondue with cheddar @all Guys, I hope that you take this the right way-- which is that I think it is awesome-- but this is the most adorable and hilarious unintentional humblebrag thread I've ever seen.

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On Friday Open Thread

@olivebee This is really late to the party and obviously there are bigger issues here with this situation, but you should all know that I literally just learned from this post that "dongle" is the ACTUAL word for a dongle and not like... another word for "thingy" that people like to use to refer to a projector-connector.

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On Friday Open Thread

Guys I have a serious addiction to ramen. My fiance and I go out for ramen every week now, on the reg . We try to convince ourselves to try the wide variety of cuisine that Los Angeles has to offer but, nope. Ramen every time. Any LA folks have ramen-yas that they would recommend? I live near the Sawtelle strip and keep going back to Chabuya and Tatsu.

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