On Go Read Alice: The History of the Diary Novel

I like your article makes sense to me.

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On On Pheasants and Polyamory

Nice!I like your article.

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On Janet Looks at 89 Dicks

I don't like her, that's it.

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On Taking a Bite Out of Networking Events: A Guide for Beginners

This guide is useful, Nice.

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On On Radical Feminism vs Letting a Trans Person Be

Women should assert their rights, but I don't agree aggressive behavior.

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On How Butt Rock Helped Me Find Love

I like rock music, too shocking it.

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On Weekend Roundup

This Labrador is so cute.

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On Russia Has Lost Control of Their Gecko Sex Satellite

People desire to explore not stop.

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On In Sickness and in Health, But Mostly in Sickness

People are afraid of disease, fear of losing a loved one.

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On My Struggle Bingo

I'm not good at is playing the game.

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