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By Lucienne on Lamp Options

That monkey chandelier is HORRIBLE. I'll never be happy until I have it. And "kitsch" isn't even my aesthetic!

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By That's right, I'm Mr. Manager. on No Excuses: Responding To One-Handed Reviews

@beetnemesis "That said, I totally looked at them anyway, because... Internet." Wow, I think you may have just out-douched all the apologists you condemned a sentence ago.

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By melis on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

As for me, these days, I read only Bustle.

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By Whitmans Sampler on Your Breakfast Has Been Lying to You


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By supernintendochalmers on What Is the Difference Between Mascara, Eye-Liner and Concealer? Six Philosophical Inquiries

I love this. Fuck that guy.

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By I'm Right on Top of that, Rose on Friday Open Thread

So, Hairpin. About 100 days ago, I donated some stem cells to my dad to combat his stage-4 lymphoma. Since then, we've just been waiting to see how things would go. Well, the 100 Day Later scans show no evidence of cancer in his marrow, nor in the rest of his body.

My dad is coming home cancer free.

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By fondue with cheddar on A Brief Introduction

@Scandyhoovian WHY DID I READ THAT WHYYYY now I need to go read something that will quell this anger.

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By flimflannery on A Brief Introduction

@fondue with cheddar Can we do Real Life Etiquette? Is Etiquette a word we even NEED anymore? I don't know! I volunteer to write it- I am pretty good at it, I once talked my mom down from a tantrum that a friend's mom (MOM!!!) was hosting her babyshower! Instead of a close family friend! THE SHOCK!

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By orangeyouglad on A Brief Introduction

Bring back Friday Bargain Bin. :-D

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By queenofbithynia on Other People's Kids, Homes

I hate young children and all[1] but I really feel that if you must have child houseguests as an unchilded person, these are the kind you want to have. They leave and you get to turn to your husband and say, thank god we don't have any of these little bastards, right? and then you feel really good about looking at your life and looking at your choices.

[1]I'll talk to anybody regardless of age, I do not discriminate, but you know that particular quality of silence you get when you ask someone what good books they've been reading, and they're all like, "none as yet, I am a toddler"? Awkward and, I think, frankly rude. there is a time and place for polite social lies. please, people, teach your infant to scan the NYTRB or something so that they can at least recycle other people's literary opinions at cocktail parties, because I cannot carry this whole conversation all by myself, ok? ok???

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