On The Best Worst Movie

@wee_ramekin Me too! I loved how he looked like he was going to pee, but he was just "tightening his belt" because he was "so hungry" because his son didn't want him to eat a bunch of food OBVIOUSLY COVERED IN BRIGHT GREEN GAK-STYLE SLIME.

Side note: Also, the witch. And the popcorn. This movie!!!

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On The Best Worst Movie

@etheline. Favorite movie of my whole life, ever. Everybody hate me! I am fed up wit dis voirld!

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On Beauty Q&A: Hair Products -- Why So Many?

@fondue with cheddar (formerly jen325) This question is relevant to my interests! I love the idea of dry shampoo, but I have really, really curly hair that I can't comb or brush, except when it is wet. A lot of the dry shampoos that I have seen require you to put it in your hair and then comb it through- are there any where you can kind of, like, just tussle your hair to make them work, or something?

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On Oh, Lana

I just actually listened to Lana for the first time a few weeks ago, likw, aside from hearing snippets of her songs or how obnoxious of a person she is, etc.. I was surprised to find out that I actually really like a lot of her stuff! It's really different than a lot of mainstream music right now. I still think she sings like she has a mouthful of marbles, though.

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On Jealousy Mutations and the 2.5 Days Game

@yeah-elle I totally agree with you and here's my question- how does the lady friend of LW1's boyfriend know about "every bump in the road" they've had to weather? I'm guessing that he confided in her because they're friends, which the friend may have taken as a sign that things weren't going well, which, if she had feelings for him and was looking for signs that their relationship may be heading for demise, confiding in her about relationship issues would be a pretty honking big one, even if it's totally inadvertent on the bf's part. If he's like anyone talking to a good friend, he's probably more likely to mention when things are going wrong than to say "Wow! I just had an amazing chat with my girlfriend today!" If she only hears negative things, especially if that's what she wants to hear, he's probably leading her on without even knowing it.

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On Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

@gobblegirl Ahh see I have the opposite problem of super oily skin, so it works ok for me! I can see how that would happen, though, because it's pretty much a straight up liquid. Highjump is right- They have a couple of other colors as well, and I think those are more the consistency of nail polish, so they might be worth a shot? Posietint is a really pretty shade.

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On Beauty Q&A: Blushing, Cobbling, and Black Ties

I know I'm a little late to the party, and I think I've stated this on here before, but CHEEK STAIN!!! Specifically Benefit BeneTint Lip and Cheek stain, the red kind. I've been doing the makeup thing for like 11 years, and I've never found a blush product that so naturally made me look like I just came in from the cold. I feel like it would look good with anyone's skin tone, a bottle lasts over a year (and I use it LIBERALLY on both my lips and cheeks), and it never fades all day. I'm on my second bottle and I'm in love.

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On Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

I've never met anyone famous, but the craziest celebrity related thing that ever happened to me was when my friend and I were at a second hand bookstore, and he picked this old copy of A Wrinkle in Time off of the shelf, opened it, and in the pages was an old original home photo of Michael Keaton. It was INSANE. He's from Pittsburgh and so are we, so it wasn't as crazy as it could be, but still! He now has the photo in a picture frame on his mantle.

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On Famous People I Thought I Saw on the Street, But It Wasn’t Them at All

@quimby OOH WHO FROM DEGRASSI?! I was so obsessed with TNG in high school, and I think I would have died to meet/spot the cast out and about.

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On The Nordic Natural, 1915 - 1982

@faience Oh god me too. Billy! Your soothing Cockney accent gets me every time!!

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