On A Very Rare Look Inside the Lisa Frank Headquarters

@kfizz Yes, it is me!

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On "AMERICAN: With the prefix 'all,' a blonde."

Lisa Frank: person who passive aggressively links to articles on FB to prove that she is so much more progressive than her friends who make more money.

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On 9 Lines in the Marissa Mayer Profile That Are Lady-Specific and One Line That Is Not

@Sea Ermine I don't think telecommuting is the only solution for working mothers. It's a solution, but so is having on-site nurseries and day care centers (and some companies do provide this.) If MM wanted all women to work on-site and she was already building a nursery, why couldn't she have built a company-wide nursery and pre-school? Because her baby is too good to be with all the dirty plebe babies?
There are a lot of things that can be done to improve the conditions for working mothers (in all fields) like mandating maternity (and paternity!) leave (it's embarrassing that the US is the only industrialized country that does not provide this by law) and greater early childhood education so that working mothers can have access to affordable childcare.
MM isn't under any obligation to improve the lives of working mothers or to increase the numbers of women in management positions, but it isn't it sad that we see greed and regressive social attitudes and just shrug our shoulders and say that's the way it is?

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On 9 Lines in the Marissa Mayer Profile That Are Lady-Specific and One Line That Is Not

@leonstj Nah, she's right, she's not a feminist. She's basically saying, "I got mine; everyone else can screw off." And her decisions at Yahoo show that too. She can build a nursery in her office, but no other female workers can work from home to take care of their children. I prefer her steely, damaging honesty to Sheryl Sandberg's false girl-power "feminism." It's pretty clear neither of them are truly interested in dismantling sexism in our society. They've been able to rise to the top because of a combination of privilege and hard work, but both deny the true social forces that got them to where they are and keep so many other woman out of the corner office.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Quinn A@twitter I've definitely been in positions where I feel like I've been subjected to "dog-whistle sexism" and I'm left thinking "Is this because I'm a woman?" Although I'm not sure if that's your concern in this situation? Is there a way you can repeal your performance review if you get one?

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On Friday Open Thread

@dj pomegranate WOW! Good luck!

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On "Don't ever worry about not sharing again."

I can't believe how many trans-phobic dumb-dumbs I'm friends with on twitter who all start their dumbassery with "I'm progressive, but..." NO!

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On How to Politely React to Your Friend's Terrible Engagement

Can we have a second installment of what to say when he becomes her terrible husband, and she cries to you about their experiences in couples counseling?

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On Remembering Lilith: Fiona Apple

I was 11/12 and Tidal first came out, and when she sang "break a boy just because she can," I thought she meant physically and I was very confused about what that actually entailed.

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On "At what other moment in history would it have been plausible for a serial killer to identify middle-aged white men as his most vulnerable targets?"

@Megasus Yes! There were totally serial killers who went after hobos during the Great Depression and even today the homeless population and sex workers are still really vulnerable to violence. The comments of that article are so full of white men tears about how terrible it is for them now that women and POC are standing up for their rights. *puke*

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