By Jazmine Hughes on Black Honey and Me

don't think i don't realize that this is just a humblebrag about how pretty you are!!!

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By Jolie Kerr on Black Honey and Me

Whoa. I just bought Black Honey for the first time in yearssssssssss and yeah, it looks p great on me too. Maybe it works for us because we live "every ethnicity" on the daily?

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By Plant Fire on Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

THIS IS AMAZING. I'm 100% excited for more of this series. And this is a really good trick. For some reason I can do great liquid liner on other people but on myself it gets jacked up and uneven so I'm going to try this next time. Also does the concealer on the eyes help with greasy lids? Because that is a huge problem of mine and the only thing that worked perfectly was the laura mercier eye basics stuff but it also started to give me a horrible rash on my eyelids so if there is a better trick I want to know!

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By Lady Humungus on Controversial Opinions Post: The Moisturizer I Don't Like

I hate when makeup articles tell me that that Maybelline Great Lash is the best mascara, because it is NOT. It's terrible. It's definitely one of those products that I think keeps getting touted because of the ouroboros of people buying a product just because it's recommended and then parroting back that advice to others.
(this concludes my diatribe)
This was really interesting, because I have the Lait-Crème Concentrate saved in my Sephora "loves" right now, having been told it was The Best but I haven't tried it yet.

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By Sally Pancakes on Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

This is great, but it would be great to hear more from women of all over. Not just from one clique in media.

Would have loved to hear from women in a more diverse group of careers, though these women were brave in speaking out!

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By Susanna on A Really Bad Month

I think the friend who needed to go to the Apple Store should take as long a hike as your ex.
Brava, though, for this. It gets under the skin.

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By BethJ on The Witch In All Of Us

Jaya's mother here... Rest assured, the spell book is in the attic.
And here I thought I was being a nice mom to let you go
to Seth's bar mitzvah-- I didn't realize I'd been spelled!
Now need to rethink our whole history! ( of course I was
a witch in 1966, age 12...)

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By Jazmine Hughes on The Hairpin Halloween Advent Calendar: Halloween Rituals

I never celebrated Halloween so I'm just going to dress up and go up to everyone in the Awl office and demand candy. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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By isabelle bleu on How Many Types of Millennials Are There?

Flavour Your Potatoes With This One Weird, Old Trick! (IE, reading your student loan statement and weeping silently with your face near your plate; recycle essential electrolytes AND enjoy a gently savory tuber delight!)

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By Jazmine Hughes on How Many Types of Millennials Are There?

i just really love potatoes, you guys

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