By Jolie Kerr on Just Keep Livin', (Livin' = Wearing a Fanny Pack Without Apologies)

I got a fanny pack full of glue products shipped to me at Jezebel and it was pretty much the best thing that happened to me during my tenure at Jezebel.

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By Sarah Rain on Never Bring Your Boyfriend to Brunch

I solve this by saying "no" when I mean no.

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By Titania on Bloodfeast: “My Uterus Is Listening to the Cramps” Mac and Cheese

NEVER put oil in your pasta water. Are you crazy, woman? When you drain it, the oil gets on the pasta, which prevents sauce and cheese from adhering to it, which is the ENTIRE POINT of mac & cheese in the first place. All you need to prevent pasta from sticking together is adequate water in a large-enough pot. Try it. Only good things will happen.

Oh, and if you habitually oil but don't salt your pasta water, don't even tell me. There is enough salt in cheesy pastas bakes like this that you don't have to here, but for anything else YOU ARE DOING IT SO WRONG IT HURTS ME PHYSICALLY.

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By be-bop-a-lu-la on Bloodfeast: “My Uterus Is Listening to the Cramps” Mac and Cheese

why you anglosaxons insist on putting oil in pasta water I shall truly never understand! bring to boil-add salt-add pasta-don't overcook: that's the only way to do it. where does the oil thing even come from? I've had an aussie, a brit and an american all pull that one on me in separate occasions.

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By either_Ada on Bloodfeast: The Nutella Bacon Burger

well done? imho, it's not a period burger unless it's bleeding at least as much as i am.

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By Seafarers on How to Be a Genius (Or, How to Contract Syphilis and Be An Artist)

@gtrachel It holds in French too. It's a reference to the merkin which was made with beaver hair & commonly used by infected prostitutes to cover sores from their clients - so, likely readers would have understood the reference. The Oxford Companion to the Body has a really interesting chapter about Merkins and the origins of beaver as a euphemism!

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By Lucienne on A Requiem for Molly, The "Archived" American Girl Doll

I really loved this - of course I did.

But I also found it interesting because, well, I had a Samantha. And I guess I am kind of a Samantha, if only because I also spent my childhood cocooned in privilege.

But what sticks with me about Samantha is not the fur muff (although my Molly grandmother also made my Samantha doll a muff - AND an opera coat, among other ridiculous costumes) but rather that her books were my introduction to class consciousness, privilege, and feminism. Without Samantha, would I have been prepped for the Mitfords? (Probably, yes, because I read a lot. But those books were certainly my earliest exposure.)

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By Neve Garrett on Our Squid, Ourselves

@Lisa Frank Brb turning this into a novel...

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By yeah-elle on 4 Hot Hues for an On-Trend Fall: Smaragdine, Fulvous, Coquelicot, Wenge

It's time to reminisce about the segments on both Mister Rogers and Sesame Street about how crayons are made!

Also, "glaucous" is one of my favorite words.

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By singstrix on 4 Hot Hues for an On-Trend Fall: Smaragdine, Fulvous, Coquelicot, Wenge

You guys! Guys. There are so many more fantastic color names.

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