On Eight Things to Know Before Moving to Beirut

@Marzipan no lie, the street comments/cat calls can wear you down. But the general hospitality and genuine graciousness of a lot of people is one of the great things about the place.

Also, no one is telling you that you have to go out all the time; but if you feel like it, there’s an astounding amount of bars, night clubs, and restaurants with every weird or great theme, which is a thing a lot of people don’t associate with the region.

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On Eight Things to Know Before Moving to Beirut

Amen. I'm an American living in Beirut too, and I can agree with all of these points. I once had my manager interrupt me while I was talking to tell me (with disdain) that I needed to get my nails fixed because "it's the first thing guys notice."

May I add...

#9: Keep track of the power outages. Each neighborhood has a scheduled one for three hours a day, and if you lose track of them you could miss the chance to blow dry your hair before work, charge your various electronics before they die, or get your clothes out of the washer. Also, you will lose all trust of elevators.

#10: Stoplights, lanes on the road, and speed limits are only suggestions. Creative (=terrifying) driving and excessive use of your horn are both recommended.

#11: Lunch hour actually means lunch hour. Or two. Also, getting up early or talking to people before 9 am is unacceptable.

...your last point is especially true. I still get asked if I have to cover my hair or whether we get to drink. Beirut is definitely chaotic, but entirely in its own way. Thanks for the article!

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On Belle's Inner Monologue

@Alyssa Bernstein@facebook if you don't mind me asking, which city do you live in? I lived in Amman and this sounds exactly like it...haha I thought the same thing when I watched the video

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On Pictures of Unsmiling Rich Children

fascinating. those twins are a little terrifying.

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On Porno-meters, Gastric Bypass, and Tending to Small Things

@cherrispryte Did you mean to spell that wrong? And what exacty is nauseating about having an equal understanding if the relationship you're in? Like manshan said, it doesn't *have* to be this way, but the situation describes here is clearly a case of two different expectations for the direction of the relationship.

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On Exchange Your Ugly Bridesmaid Dress

but most of those little black dresses look like high school prom attire...

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On What Your American Girl Doll Says About the Rest of Your Life


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On Women Erased From Historic Moment

@shalalah oops, found my answer. Not the same newspaper, but a Hasidic paper that photoshopped men's heads onto pictures of Limor Livnat and Sofa Landver, the 2 female members of Netanyahu's cabinet:

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On Women Erased From Historic Moment

I wonder how long this paper's been around, and what they did during Golda Meir's prime ministry. Pretend she didn't exist? Make her image into a stick person? (those aren't too sexually suggestive right??)

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On Is the Cube the Tiniest Home in the World?

I like this one because of the adorable British man, but these tiny houses are at least 24x more awesome:


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