On Not That Kind of Death: An Interview With Caitlin Doughty

@LilyB My mom took pictures of my grandfather's (her father's) open casket. Not sure where the photos are now, but I did stumble across them once as a 10-13ish year old. It really shocked me and bummed me out. I think it's ok, but for some reason I'm glad they were prints and not digital. I think it would be even weirder to stumble across the photos on a computer than in a closet...

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On "Politics as Usu-wow."

Umm why weren't any women included on this list? M.I.A. all the way!!

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On My Waterloo


Yes to all of this.

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On Hey, It's Smiling Bob

Was anyone thinking of Henry from Party Down throughout this whole article?


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On Proposed Masque Flavors for the Upscale Market

Lox and caper Masque followed by mimosa Masque for brunch.

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On Off Balance

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On Miss and Mister D.C.

@New Hoarder
Yeah when I first read that I also thought it said, "...shopping at Valencia, Florence, Rome and Corsica."

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On How Does Your Fair Compare?

Topsfield Fairkicks fair ass! Duck races, a bunny house, beekeeping, and more!

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On The Girl Scouts Remain Awesome

This is really disappointing, but I will say that the 5 eagle scouts I know are ALL gay...sorry Boy Scouts.

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On The Busyness

Oh no is that a thing now? Sheesh what next?!

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