By large__marge on Your May 'Pinup Roundup

FINALLY a Boston Pinup!

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By par_parenthese on On Subcultures

@uemmak I've gotten many friends/students/relatives into Doctor Who, some of them to the point of obsession, because I have an awesome sales pitch that includes the word "enchanting" and because I always tell them to start with season 2. It is rare for me to come across a woman who can resist Ten's charms for very long. I also tell them that I was a die-hard Sci-Fi hater before Who, to encourage people who think I'm trying to talk them into committing to seven seasons of British Star Trek. ALSO, re: wrong opinions, I think wrong strategy is almost worse! I can take disagreeing with them about it, but I CANNOT TAKE IT when people watch the episodes OUT OF ORDER. Like one episode from season 5, one from season 2, a couple from 3 or 4, The Empty Child followed by Let's Kill Hitler. I'm like

@Nicole Cliffe @Pyxis I have ALSO used the Blink + fingers crossed strategy! Highly successfully.

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By parallel-lines on Can Bloody Marys Have It All?

Ricks Picks Mean Green Beans. And don't use the McClures mix, just buy a jar of pickles, eat all the pickles and use the brine. Or add beef bullion. Or clam juice. Or a cheese burger http://eater.com/archives/2012/11/30/15-over-the-top-bloody-marys-across-the-us.php

Bloody Mary--you can't have jazz hands with a cigarette.

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By RNL on Can Bloody Marys Have It All?

They can't have it all, because they don't have clam juice.

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By JessAndNo21 on I Know What You Did Next Summer

some friends and i are having a lengthy email chain discussion of the top three Boyz II Men jamz (we are creating a 90s hits spotify master-list). is there another option than:

3. Motown Philly
2. End of the Road
1. I'll Make Love to You

methinks not.

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By Lyssachelle on I Know What You Did Next Summer

GAH. My mom wouldn't me go to the Boyz II Men concert in 1995 and I'm still not over it. This might make up for it, but I'm also still mourning the loss of the bass due to "health reasons."

Michael. Right now, I'm just in so much pain, baby, cause you just won't come back to me. Will you? JUST COME BACK TO ME.

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By kimberussell on I Know What You Did Next Summer

For me, ogling "The Package" (guffaw!) depends on how much tickets are. I was a huge NKOTB fan but I'm a bit wary of spending a lot of cash for a concert that I'd only enjoy 2/3 of. (Sorry, Lachey Bros & Co.)

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By Edith Zimmerman on Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

@meetapossum It's so great! I have had only wonderful, humanity-reassuring experiences.

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By iceberg on Eleven Days Alone In: Paris

I'd settle for 3 days (okay, like an hour would be great) alone anywhere, but I am super super hulk green with envy right now because PARIS.

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By wee_ramekin on Photo Etiquette and the Modern Family

@martinipie Hmmmm, you bring up an interesting point: maybe the mom doesn't want the LW's boyfriend in the photo because he looks like this?

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