On Antoinette Tuff's 911 Call

This story absolutely made me cry this morning when I heard it on the news. She is the epitome of a (s)hero!! So glad that the only thing killed was the gunman by her kindness.

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On The Cheap Wine Report

My favorite cheap wine has become Casal Garcia vinho verde. It's about $7, is refreshing, and, most importantly, it gets the job done.

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

Maybe they happen when I can't go because I call them meetups and not pinups. D'oh! o_O

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On Your May 'Pinup Roundup

@Lily Rowan Why do Boston meet-ups always seems to happen when I'm out of town or just getting back and too tired to be social? CONSPIRACY?! Just kidding. I do hope to make it out to one of these someday!

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On Sleeping Over at Judy Blume's House

@Lyssachelle YESSSSSSSSS.... or Felicity's acoustically-inclined BFF. I am totally have a viewing party at my house for this! Thanks, iTunes!

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Marlon Brando's Dirty Dungarees

@renee That's a wedding ring?! Blech.

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On Throw This Party: The Breakfast Club

@PatatasBravas YES!! This is pretty genius.

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On Can Bloody Marys Have It All?

I literally just bought McClure's bloody mix this weekend and wasn't a huge fan. SORRY!! I'm as confused as you are because I love pickles! And pickled anythings! (except grapes, that was a weird time.) But this mix was... too pickly? Too dilly? Something was making me sad that I wasn't fully enjoying myself, is what I'm saying. Maybe I'll try it again with beer instead of vodka? (Yes, beer bloodys are a thing - best beer for it is Allagash White.)

Also, Clamato for bloodys FTW!!!

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On "Sunny Came Home," Shawn Colvin

@parallel-lines Seriously. Everything had been going so well... and then I had to watch the video because HELLO 90s!!

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On "Sunny Came Home," Shawn Colvin


I totally (and very randomly) had this song stuck in my head this morning. Get out of my head, Hairpin!

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