On It's a Girl, My Lord, in a Flatbed Ford

I have been in Winslow, AZ half a dozen times while playing this song. Lots of cross country road trips to visit family with my cheesy parents. I will call in sick to work and wake up at 3am to be at this festival tomorrow so I can make my parents proud.

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On Kale's Comeuppance

@Daisy Razor Oh me oh my beloved LINGUICA. I want articles on all linguica diets.
Moving back home to California in a month- so excited about linguica... I guess I'll learn to get excited about kale?

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On Friday Open Thread

LAST weekend I was recovering from oral surgery! Hairpin you've infiltrated my braaaaiin

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On How to Throw a Shrimp Boil

@southernbitch Heaven is a clove of boiled garlic squeezed onto a crawfish tail

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On How to Throw a Shrimp Boil

Don't you mean How to Throw a CRAWFISH Boil? Shrimp boils are blasphemous.

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

@laurel I backpacked through Mexico from Cancun to Mexico City for 18 days with my boyfriend and a freind (another dude). No, it wasn't solo, but it was my first time traveling sans parents and out of the country. I definitely feel confident enough going back solo. Palenque was the only sketchy town (the BEST ruins). I would not go back there alone. Mexico City has sketchy places (a classmate in college was in Mex City the same time we were and she was kidnapped. And she was born and raised in Mexico City. It's like any major town- watch where you go, and don't run around late at night). We almost always stayed in backpacker/youth hostels where there were plenty of people to tag along with for day adventures or going out. Mexico has been my best travel experience- great snorkeling, ruins, AMAZING cheap food, and a ton of like minded travelers.

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On Buy a Plane Ticket

@leon.saintjean COCHON! And if you can't do that, get a sandwich at Cochon Butcher (in the back, open for lunch). Get brunch at Dante's Kitchen! Get brunch everywhere!

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On Buy a Plane Ticket

@all: New Orleans, uptown, one block off the St. Charles street car line. Y'all, it is springtime here right now. I'm in shorts today.

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On Five of Cups

@boysplz I live in nola! Going tomorrow when I get paid! Thank youuuu

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