On "Did Something Happen?": On Elena Ferrante's 'Abandonment' and Jenny Offill's 'Speculation'


Just wow. You stunned me with your eloquent observations on these books! Beautifully done.
I too fear the abandonment of aspirations. It is something we as people have to keep working at if we want too succeed at the goals we set out, sometimes a decade ago, but in a changing society and with changing minds and bodies. I'm thirty one, just finished persuing my second degree and just recently found out I'm expecting.

I fear I gave up the aspirations I had even before I found out. Too chicken to persue them I think.

Sorry for the ramble, but your piece really hit home and I thank you for having constructed this beautiful amalgamations of books and thoughts.

Going out to get those books now!

Posted on July 31, 2014 at 5:21 pm 0