On Stream Snoop Lion's 'Reincarnated'

Pretty sure the Fruit Juice song is relevant to all of our interests.

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ugh ! these are absolutely completely perfect !!

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On Alizé Gold Passion Pineapple Upside Down Cake

@cosmia Maybe Zubrovka? It's.. bison grass? It isn't apple flavoured but it goes really well with apple?

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On My History of Being Fat

@Cat named Virtute Then write a fucking article, about how you are obviously so comfortable and happy with yourself that reading things by choice on the internet doesn't bother or offend you, but like, please it is a little bit boring, can you write something that makes me feel better about myself?

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On My History of Being Fat

If you are insecure enough about your weight that a story entitled "My history of being fat" and the subsequent anecdotes and listing of a height/weight ratio that would in current discourse and medicine be consistently considered almost-fat, then -

The problem is not with the story
The problem is with your self-esteem.

This woman is, to use a cliche, "owning her weight" and writing about it, knowing that there would be critique. If you cannot accept another person's attempt to publicly voice what is obviously personal narrative without getting personally offended, fucking look at yourself.

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On Sensual Shampoos, UTIs, and a "Mutual Love of M*A*S*H"

D-mannnoooossseeee!!!! Oh my god why isn't this mentioned anywhere on the page.
It is an indigestible sugar that really actually does what it is supposed to and clears urinary tracts of E-coli which is probably the number one cause of my and everyone's UTIs especially the sex-y ones.
I hear in America you ladies can buy it at the 'drug store' but I am from Australia and buy it here:
and honestly, I wake up with a horrible UTI, I take four of these puppies, 2 hours later I feel fine (FINE!!!!) and by midday normal, keep it up for a couple of days. I went from having like 8 a year to maybe 1 in the last year?
Do it! Oh my god.

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On Mini Ask a Lady: Teenage Tattoos

@The Lady of Shalott NIPPLE RING how much did it hurt? I really want one. (I'm 20 did I just completely miss the point of this whole thing uhhhhhh

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On Beauty Q&A: Streaky Polish, Cardigan Season, and Drinks for a Lady

@likethestore Bonus if you can't get the shorter inseam: Cut off the ankles (works best with super skinnies), Garance Dore style! Seriously! It's the best and I feel so smart, and I look tall and even though my thighs are like, not thin at all, my ankles are and they're visible now, ohhh man I'm sneaky.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

@pufflehuffityhuff Ok I did! Fiiiingers crossed.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

Aww I'm glad all you guys are happier but can someone write one about having 32AAs now? :'(

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