On A Thing You Should Probably Read If You Use the NuvaRing

I am from the same small town and was one year behind the girl that died in 2011 from it. While it is extremely unlikely to have life-threatening complications, it really shook that community and I know that most of the girl's from my HS stopped using their NuvaRings. FWIW, the risk is with all types of horomones, but it was painful to see a side affect of a drug affect my home so much.

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On Guess the Disney Movie

@stuffisthings his dad is the Prince of the Forest, hence the political ties...

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On A Woman's Right to Booze

Can you please make cocktail napkins of these and market them to me?

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On Sophie, "Bipp"

waiting for the beat to dropppppp
almost there
oh... no wrong
well, I like it but I'm just holding out for an epic drop
and maybe I'll get it in a sec?
no didn't happen

so that's my concensus
this is a blue ball song
it felt great but I didn't finish

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On Spectrums and Attractiveness

LW2: Have a safe word/signal ALWAYS before any type of breath/sub/dom play. Better yet, have two, one to slow down and one to stop immediately. And everyone thinks the stuff they like is kinda weird.

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On Name That Book!

There's a kid who is really good at building things, so he runs away and builds a treehouse. And then a bunch of other kids follow him to his field and he builds like a bird watching house for this girl who loves to bird watch and so on. Then the parents find them and they all go home.

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On The Award for Best Lipstick

Perfect, now can you find me the DRESS, for under $20? I love these colors!

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On In Search of a Fair Fare

@snowmentality Its about your browser. They vary from computer to computer based on the operating system. You are correct in that they are showing the higher options first to Mac users, but their data suggests that Mac users spend more therefore they are less price sensitive. This will affect how they are marketed toward. It may be more difficult for a Mac user to find the rates offered to a PC user. Since most people don't search through pages of results, they are much more likely to pick a more expensive option.

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On In Search of a Fair Fare

@Leanne That makes sense, but it doesn't make me happy, lol.

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On In Search of a Fair Fare

@Leanne That's disappointing! They must've seen a surge in Tuesday ticket prices or something.

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