On Friday Open Thread

@Verity I just watched the 1st one and got all emotional at times! Such an awkward age. I love Parys, he's so cute!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie I know! I feel it's gone past quirky/weird to straight-up bizarre

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On Friday Open Thread

@zamboni This inspired me to log into to OKC just now (it's been a while) and there were 7 messages, all pretty much variations on "hey, how are you?" etc, except for this one...

When I searching for the meaning of life, I found out that hairstyles says a lot about a person. I don't like sharing what I learn, but if we want to make this work then I need to be little open. They say women with bangs are like cherry on the money cake. In layman's term- insanely rich. So I will go ahead and assume you got a lot of money as you have those awesome bangs.
Now this is a good thing. It means I don't have to worry about work and can sit whole day on the couch playing video games spending your money.
Before you start jumping and assume I am saying yes, let me tell you that I am someone who likes to live on his own terms. My Ex who was an Investment Banker never got what I wanted, so I am staying alone for now. Like that time I asked her to buy me a Black Mercedes and that ruthless fellow goes and buys me a white one, I mean come on don't shove your choices down my throat. Then the other day, I politely requested her to take me to Paris for evening tea and she was like... nah, can't go today, too busy!!!. I assume you will not turn out to be like this.
Now lets come to the interesting part, you may be wondering what am I, Sally going to get out of this relationship. Well to be honest, you will be getting a very fussy guy who is extremely high maintenance. This will really help you improve your
1) Management Skills
2) Social Skills
3) Multi- Tasking Abilities
4) Motivate you to earn more- because the more you earn the more I will spend
5) Time Management Skills
and so on.....
You will be a complete new person once we break up after me spending all your money. AND that day, you will thank me.
Take Care, Stay Awesome.

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On Friday Open Thread

@stuffisthings that is the best episode!

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On Name That Book!

@nlim07 It couldn't maybe be The Other Side of The Story by Marian Keyes? The main character has red hair and is a literary agent, and I feel like there might be some kind of stalking plotline...

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On Name That Book!

@oboe-d-amore Maybe the Alfie and Annie-Rose by Shirley Hughes?

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On [laughs]

Ugh, I was madly in love with him from when I was 15 to when I was 17, filthy fingernails and all.

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On Eight Days Alone In: London

Haha now I'm trying to work out how many times I specified a "large" glass of wine (and got the side eye from the barman) when I was in New York.

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On Friday Open Thread

@rimy I work for a translation company that uses a lot of freelance translators, and they basically come to us with a CV, we vet their first 10 or so jobs pretty heavily, and all being well add them to our roster. The good ones get A LOT of work from us, but it is a very specific field, and they have to have postgraduate science quals as well. I definitely would recommend researching translation services first, as most large companies will have one that they use regularly, instead of looking for an untried, untested freelancer every time.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Jinxie That is good advice, especially about finding new ingredients/recipes, as I get bored eating the same things all the time, which in turn makes me want to plan my meals/buy food even less. Like you said, it's about priorities- I don't want to keep getting to a point where I'm eating cereal for dinner more than 2 nights a week- baby steps! Thanks!

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