By zamboni on Friday Open Thread

How Are We Sabotaging Ourselves This Week?
35% failing to apply to a job our friend is leaving that they wanted to recommend us for in time
10% blatantly not doing any work at our shitty current job with someone from another department sitting next to us as a fill-in
25% taking long after-work naps instead of starting to pack for imminent move, which involves taking precautions to not bring what may be bedbugs
20% drinking either too much or for too long (the latter in a strictly time-management sense), the former resulting in our second lifetime public vomit this weekend: throwing up red wine all over ourselves on public transit
7% avoiding bill payments for no reason beyond laziness
3% not printing out our concert tickets for tonight any time in the months before the current mysterious Ticketmaster outage prevents us from doing so

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By RNL on Order in the Fabulous Girl Who Does Whatever She Wants

@frigwiggin I wonder who write shampoo copy ALL THE TIME. Did anyone ever see those Dove bottles that had the MOST nonsensical copy on them? There were like:

"Strength is muscles, and comes from an inner light of peace. Beauty flows towards water, like angels do. In the shower, we sing exultation of spring like Gandhi, and work towards perfection always. Be happy, or at least hungry."

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By questingbeast on What Goes With Your Spring Crush?

Spaced wasn't BBC, it was Channel 4. Credit where credit's due.

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By allofthewine on A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

This almost certainly falls into the category of "not my business", but can we get a real, non-jokey explanation as to why the site's four biggest contributors have jumped ship in the last handful of months?

It's almost more upsetting that there's a big elephant and no one is discussing what is even happening and why and WHYWHYWHY

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By HeckYes on Friday Open Thread

@cosmia I baked my tiny ones for 20 minutes and they were not quite golden enough on top, but still cooked through. Did you make the ginormous ones? I think those would take longer to bake. Also: check your oven temperature if you have an external thermometer that goes up that high - sometimes ovens can be way off from what they say they are and maybe yours is not hot enough?

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By RNL on The Friday Night Pie

Ugh you guys are all my boyfriend and I hate you. Let's go oooooouuuuuuuuut out out out out out I need stimulus and Netflix is NOT ENOUGH we can watch it when we get home you sleep too much.

Extroverts FTW?

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By PomPom on Conversations With Old Men

@Yankee Peach I miss mine too :( He once gave me the good advice of "don't use sex as a weapon" which I appreciated all the more because it was apropos of literally nothing when he decided to counsel me about this.

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By MaxBraverman on How to End Your Celebrity Profile: The Soundtrack

"'See?' says Biel. 'Nothing that interesting!'" (Jessica Biel, Vogue, February 2010)

At least she's aware of it.

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By OhMarie on The Gateway Pie

@TattyEmu Pretty much. They are so fun that they LITERALLY RUIN LIVES.

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By AMS on The Best Scones

@Verity Me too. Very confused about triangular scones.

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