On So You're Saying I'm Not Going to Sleep with B-I-E-B-E-R?

@Plexia It's called "When Bjork met Attenborough" and it's on 4od!

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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings

I am currently drinking peppermint tea and listening to Fiona Apple whilst waiting for Feeling 3 to rudely interrupt my fantasies about a lovely boy I really like BUT HOW DO I MAKE THEM REALITY FIONA??

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On What Goes With Your Spring Crush?

@HyperboleGirl 'Allo Brian...

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On The Five People You Meet at a Talk Called "The Making of a Madam"

@par_parenthese I LOVED Hotel Babylon! Footballers' Wives level ridiculousness

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On Friday Open Thread

@VolcanoMouse BLACK BOOKS! It's all on netflix and is criminally underrated

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On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

I found this really interesting, for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I have a terrible tendency to roll my eyes and silently mock any kind of "life psychology". This helped me realise that all of that stuff is just people trying to work through their own problems, and really, who am I to judge that? Secondly, it served as a good reminder that everyone does have their own problems. Nicole, you come across as very self-assured, and you're married and you have a beautiful baby, and are a proper sorted adult with a proper sorted adult life! I can be quite ridiculously self-absorbed (just count the "I"s in this comment), and would probably not have considered that other people, who generally have their lives in order, can be struggling with a lot of the same problems that I am. Also, I am very envious of the self awareness shown by a lot of the writers and commenters on this site- I find myself thinking all the time “but how did you know you had a drinking problem/disordered eating/chronic anxiety” etc- it’s genuinely impressive.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Nicole Cliffe That is ridic expensive! Your poor mother. ETA: Just realised I completely missed the point here! hope she's feeling better though.

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On Telling Tegan and Sara Apart

@John Ore It's so good! I bounce to work as I listen!

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On The Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg

@Hamburger Hot Dog They're amazing! But I haven't seen them yet this year, though that may be because it is actually still winter, and Easter isn't coming at all :(

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On The New Ancient Zodiac

I can't help but feel that this makes the future seem very bleak!

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