On Adventures in Sexting: An Interview with Kara Stone

I'm sure she doesn't remember me at all but I went to film school with Kara! Stoked to see all the great work she's doing!

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On I Didn't Like Boyhood and I'm All Alone

I went to film school and all my university friends are like YOU MUST SEE SO CULTURE VERY GROUNDBREAK WOW but I have no desire to see it either? I mean, can I just rewatch 7 Up instead?

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On Realistic ModCloth Descriptions

I do own a fair few things from Modcloth I'm happy with, but holy shit yes, those descriptions are two twee steps away from Anthropologie's (who still take the hilarity cake - Anthroparodie is one of my favourite things on the internet)

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On Writing, Depression and Learning How to Handle Attention: A Conversation with Allie Brosh

Is it weird that I freaked a little when I found out she's married now? I've been reading Hyperbole and a Half since 2010 and I remember when she just called Duncan her boyfriend, and I'm so happy for her that she has such a strong and committed relationship with someone who loves her.

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On When Life Tears Bill Nye's Quadricep, Bill Nye Puts On a Robot Suit and Exits Reality TV to the Tune of "Get Lucky"

Bill Nye competing was the only reason I watched two whole episodes of that shit show.

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

As an Italian Person, I can't leave this post alone without mentioning the magical powers of asparagus wrapped with proscuitto.

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On Friday Open Thread

I also bought wedge sneakers, no regrets.

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On Friday Open Thread

Guys I hate to be that Debbie Downer but I am weirdly not into the content on the 'Pin lately :( I still love it, but I mean, I already go to a lot of websites that are like "this interesting article was published over here and you should read it because it's important" and all the really serious reflexive pieces are good, and interesting, but...I dunno, not as fun. Sometimes it's fun to read more fun lady stuff instead of Feminist Lady Stuff.

I dunno, I think I just miss all the absurdist "Ask A Spider/Make Doll Head Wine Glasses/Make Gross Peach Cobbler With Qream" posts.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD

is there a rule as to how many times I am allowed to go see it

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On In the Future, All Streetlights Will Be Glow-in-the-Dark Trees

This is easily the best part of Avatar and the part I wish I was real high for.

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