On Nagging Attractions and the Strategies of Lesbianism Convention (SLC)

@miwome Just to clarify, I think they are in a never-ending fight against their shared MIL - ie the mother of both their husbands. While the lesbian mother is actually the SIL's mother. (Who the LW has never met.)
So, no need to worry!

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On Nicknames

Haha, crazy, I know the people in the first pic! Pretty sure they made up the nicknames and are not actually dating. Sorry to burst any valentine's day bubbles.

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On Old Pictures, Clownish Makeup, and the Unexplained Breakup

@emilylouise Someone is going to buy me prada sunglasses now or I will dump that m*f asshole!
Nice one.

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On What to Be, and Not to Be, When You Grow Up

@leon.saintjean Absolutely. I use philosophy every day; it changes how you think and how you approach problems. It's definitely true that that is something employers are looking for, so it's no surprise that philosophy grads can get jobs. The tricky thing is that the vast majority of them (especially of those who go on and do an MA or PhD in it) want to be philosophy professors, or at least do something where you're grappling directly with philosophical problems, and *those* jobs are in short supply. I know for myself that I wouldn't be happy unless I was really getting to do philosophy, and so I'm doing the doctorate, but I have no illusions about the availability of jobs like that.

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On What to Be, and Not to Be, When You Grow Up

@AnthroK8 I think I've heard that too, and my sense is that it's because a LOT of philosophy grads go on to law school or some other professional postgrad degree. THOSE ones are employed. The ones with the PhDs in philosophy, not so much. This from the girl doing a phd in legal philosophy. All my friends who went on to be lawyers are doing quite well.

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On Show Me Pictures of Mitt Romney's Sons' Faces

In the 3rd photo, does anyone else think his wife looks like Leslie Knope?

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On Show Me Pictures of Mitt Romney's Sons' Faces

@Layla Out Tagg, Kill Matt, Fuck Josh, Marry Ben, Convert Craig.
Outing his eldest and converting his youngest seems most likely to torment Mitt. Then you get to marry the nicest seeming one and fuck the hottest. Easy.
And yes, BRING BACK F/M/K! Please!

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On Possible Reasons Why There "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone"

I am obsessed with this! Can we please have more like this? Possibly the most I've laughed alone in my room in a long time.

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On No Lesbian Shirt, No Lesbian Shoes, No Lesbian Service

@catsuperhero Hey, this is like a month late, but in case you see this, I want to say that this is exactly what my parents did, and I turned out great. They had boundaries, for sure, but if we discussed the rules with them rationally and presented reasons that they should change, they often did. They respected us as people, and showed that in the way they treated us, and in response, I felt totally comfortable talking to my mom about sex. When I first went to stay the night at my boyfriend's house, after dating for a month, I knew I was going to lose my virginity and I talked to my mom about it, and she drove me there. (I was 17). She has always been supportive about sex - as long as I am doing it safely and looking after myself emotionally, she is happy. And I'm 25 now and we still talk about relationships, and are super close.
Just wanted to tell that story as a kind of encouragement to keep doing what you're doing - it does work! And you sound great! I wish more parents were like that, and i hope to be that way myself when I have kids. Keep being awesome!

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On All the Single Ladies, Again

@notandersoncooper Wow, I didn't see him! If I did I would probably have drunkenly told him how great his comments are.

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