On The Best Time Hair Plopping Made Me Look Like A Chaos Muppet

@Monkey AGREEEED. I have really short hair so I actually only do it for like 5 minutes, just enough to get most of the moisture out so my hair isn't dripping all over me as it dries.

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On Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

@EM87 James Marsden and James Marsters. Don't tell me those aren't the same name.

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On The Best Time I Watched My Doctor Examine My Stool Sample

@never say never as a med student currently being taught to do this very thing, i am sorry, and thank you for helping us learn!

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On The One True Guide To Having Curly Hair

@TaffetaDarling DEVACURL 4 EVER.

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On The Crossword Puzzle: Where'd The Women Go?

@Father Brown Reading Rex Parker's blog every day (rexwordpuzzle.blogspot.com) made a huge difference for me. He gives solutions but also comments on whether he thinks particular clues are good, whether the theme is strong, etc. It made me realize that sometimes when I don't understand something, it's because it's a bad clue -- not because I'm dumb. (Sometimes, I'm dumb).

Paying attention to that kind of stuff, and thinking more critically about the clues and the puzzles themselves, made me a much better solver and made crosswords WAY more fun. Once you realize that puzzles aren't just this giant exclusionary monolith, it starts to feel much more collaborative and engaging. You start to notice which kinds of puzzles you like better, the constructors you prefer, the kinds of themes, etc...

Also, just practice a ton. Start with NYT Mondays and work your way up!

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On The Best Time My Sister and I Got Kicked Out of Rugged Sleepaway Camp

@frenz.lo oh, but camp SO WAS a fashion show. middle schoolers are idiots. just, the very dumbest. i cherish my camp experiences, though, because over the course of like 4 summers i went through an entire trajectory of being a dork, becoming 'popular', and then finally realizing that i wasn't really into trying so hard. when you're very firmly in the throes of Growing Up, it is nice to have this isolated space in which to try out all the dumbest parts of your potential personalities and see which ones feel right for you.

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On The Crossword Puzzle: Where'd The Women Go?

Oh man, I feel like this article was written just for me. Thanks so much, Ben. It always makes me extra happy when I get to solve a puzzle by a woman constructor. I've never constructed a puzzle before (I suspect because I don't think I would be good at it, which I'm realizing is A DUMB REASON) but this article is inspiring me to try.

PS: Loved, LOVED the Emily Jo Cureton illustrations. I "got into" crosswords just as she was doing her crossword project (early 2008), and I remember always looking forward to seeing her spin on a puzzle after I'd worked on it.

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On The "I Dare You" Chickpeanutbutter-and-Honey Bars

@allofthecrafts I don't know if I just have magic powers or what, but I usually soak my chickpeas for like... a day (6+ hours, but also sometimes longer because I forget about them) and it only takes like 20-45 minutes to cook. Maybe it's just because I'm doing small batches?? (or my beans are... really fresh?? I don't know.)

Anyway, I only just started cooking with dried beans last year and have generally found it easier than I expected! Hooray for beans.

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On The Oddest Book Title of the Year

@Lucienne Quest for a Maid! deep cuts!!

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On The Oddest Book Title of the Year

[edit: beat to this joke downthread!]

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