On What Were the Names of Your High School Tribes?

I was a combo deviant "skater"/jock and I went to high school in the late 90s. We primarily had rednecks, preppy kids, nerds, and deviants (AKA "skaters," regardless of whether they owned a skateboard). Jocks overlapped all of those groups.

I grew up in a rural area so there weren't really enough people at my school for more specific groups.

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On 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@rfpgh Well for playing on our own, we just did. I have a twin sister and 3 older siblings, so we did all kinds of stuff. Played outside, made forts in the woods, played baseball/soccer/hockey, read books, made up plays, etc. My mom honestly never spent time playing with us.

For bedtime, she still told us when it was time to go to bed but there were no epic stories or standing over us while we brushed our teeth and peed. We just kind of did it...and sometimes we'd read under the covers with a flashlight, but still in our room with the lights off. (Some of my siblings seriously spend 1-2 hours every night getting bedtime snacks, reading stories, snuggling, etc. And then complain about it, so it's not like they love it!)

For chores, we each had assigned chores each week that rotated among kids. It's not like we were perfect, we definitely fought and whined and bitched and moaned, but we mostly did what we were supposed to.

It sounds like they didn't pay attention to us, but they definitely did. My dad traveled for work several days a week so a lot of times it was just my mom. She still came to all of our sports games, made dinner, etc., and obviously if we really needed help or attention we got it. And there were lots of hugs and affection, too. But with 5 kids there isn't time to spend 2 hours per kid putting them to bed or playing dolls with them. And honestly I think we're all independent and self-sufficient because of how we were raised.

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On 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

@karenb YES. My mom worked part time so she was at home pretty often, but her life did not revolve around me and my siblings in any way. This became glaringly obvious once my older siblings started having kids, and the way they raise their kids is so completely different than the way we were raised.

Growing up, we played on our own, were expected to do our homework on our own, go to bed at bedtime, etc. My siblings play games with their kids constantly, help them with homework EVERY NIGHT, spend hours putting them to bed, and seem MISERABLE. It's my real life cautionary tale of what not to do.

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On 10 Scariest Excerpts from "The Opt-Out Generation Wants Back In"

That article right there is why I will never be a SAHM no matter how much I may think I want to be one if/when I pop out a kid of my own. NOPE, not doing it.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@rosinator J Brand, Citizens of Humanity and Rag and Bone jeans are made in the US. (Some of their fabrics aren't made in the USA though.) Then there are smaller brands like Raleigh Denim and Imogene and Willie that are 100% made in the USA. I scope out tons of websites for sales when I'm on a denim hunt, from the big department stores (Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Barneys, Piperlime) to the boutique websites (Shopbop, Revolve, etc.) If you know your size in a certain brand you can order then without trying them on, or even if you don't most are returnable and a lot of places have free shipping.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@SarcasticFringehead Yep, their sizing is pretty nuts. I can't fit into their women's pants, and I'm a 6-8 elsewhere. They're super problematic in pretty much all categories except the ethically made one.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@nina! I totally get that. Their totally plain t-shirts are $18. I know that's not cheap for a lot of people, but it's a lot more attainable than a $50 Splendid t-shirt. I'm no AA lover, but it's a good solution for ethical basics if you can afford to spring for them.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

@EleanorHiggsByson If it's plain stuff you're after, have you checked out American Apparel? They're problematic for other reasons (owner is a disgusting creep, objectification of women is in ads and photos online is super offensive, problematic hiring practices, etc.), but the majority of their items are made in the USA. T-shirts there are usually $30 max, and less for the basic stuff. Some basic skirts and dresses are also inexpensive, although the more fashion forward stuff gets pricey.

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On Fast Fashion and the "Economy of Unquenchable Desire"

I try to focus on quality over quantity, and I buy US made items as much as possible. I shop sales at stores and can find premium denim that's made in the US for $100, whereas a pair from Urban Outfitters would run about $68. It costs more, and I know not everyone can afford the difference.

And aside from the ethical reasons to not shop at fast fashion stores, the quality is also terrible and the clothing often looks worn out super quickly.

Basically I'm no saint, but I'm trying!

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On United States of Awesome

@oh! valencia Best one EVER.

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