On Two Questions About Dogs: One Nice, One Less So

@Roaring Girl I just had to say that I had a German Shepherd/lab/collie mix as well, and she was the best dog ever. Had a lot of energy, and definitely some protective instincts, but also laid back and very devoted to her family. I don't know if it was the mix of shepherd and lab that made her so great, but I have always wanted a shepherd after her!

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On The Horse, Explained

Ah, this made my night! Everything is so true, and also hilarious. I am a horse person on horse-hiatus, unfortunatly being poor doesn't go along well with horse ownership. But as soon as I can...back to being that crazy horse person!

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On Types of Young Ladies

Haha, amazing! I love this book already. I think I would like to be the interesting or clever young lady, but probably am most often the lazy and hyperbolical young lady...

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

@cmcm I call it shark week, too! It's the best! I mean, not shark week itself, just calling it that.

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On Reading Between the Texts: S.O.S.

@skyslang Yes! I laughed so hard at that!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Ghost Dating the Phone

@figwiggin Are you actually me? Because you really sound like me. I agree, social situations/new people/people you've met but don't really know, etc. are scary. Plus, I'm terrible at small talk. So....that weather, huh?

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On How's It Going?

@Anne Helen Petersen That is a really awesome idea! I love the current Ask a's and I don't want them to go away (Ask a Dude, I love you!) but more/different ones on occasion would be fun!

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On How's It Going?

@attackofthetext Reading Between the Texts is my absolute favorite thing about the hairpin!! Which is saying a whole lot because I love the hairpin. But I get really excited when I see them and then read them out loud to my roommate. Fun times.

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On "The point is will you be my Valentine or I'll nail you yet."

@olivebee yeah...I wasn't sure about all of them either. But in my case I think it might be stupidity, it seems abundant today.

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On Unmet Demands and the Eternal "Are You Sure You're Sure You're Sure?"

A Lady, you are the best. I'm not in the same situation, but I am batshit crazy right now over one big thing. The whole, "Are you about to start bleeding? 'Cause remember, that shit makes you crazy!" and "Brains make thoughts like butts make poops, and none of it necessarily means anything." are kind of life-savers and may have made me take a deep breath and try to stop being so crazy.

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