On Our Bella, Ourselves

@miwome No. You're wrong and here's why: the blank pages are just a gimmick to cover up Myers' week writing skills. A good writer doesn't shy away from delving into the murk of touchy emotional states. If anything, they relish them as a challenge. The blank pages are Myers admitting publicly she doesn't have the emotional maturity or writerly craft to depict a lovesick teenager. Which begs the question of what she would do if a story required her to describe the savory delight of a well prepared cheesburger, let alone the ineffable quintessence of love.

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On Our Bella, Ourselves

@NorieY Exactly. Bella isn't a character, she's a McGuffin, an object to be hoarded, fought over (by men) and fetishised. Those blank pages representing Bella's mental state when Edward isn't around are extremely telling. Without a man to observe her, she literally has no presence in the story. She neither thinks about her predicament nor feels anything that registers as an emotion or a thought. She has about as much agency as the Maltese Falcon* (objectively worthless except for the secret thing inside her that everyone really wants).

*I was going to say the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones, but the Ark has at least enough agency to melt some Nazis for failing to recognize its inherent inertia. The Ark will not tolerate being used crassly for the needs of men. Bella exists solely for that purpose.

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On Neti Pots: Better Than They Sound

My neti pot has saved my life. I'm sure of this. Like you i was getting sinus infections at least once a year, had awful sinus headaches 2 or 3 times a week and colds would last forever. I was on so much sinus medication i felt doped up. I've been using my neti pot for 6 years now and have had no sinus infections, rarely have any sinus headaches 9and they now go away with use of the pot and a couple of ibuprofin0 and colds are rare and when they do occur, last 3-6 days, rather then 2-3 weeks. I can breath better, I don't snore as much and no more medication! There are no downsides to using a neti pot.

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On Life Lessons From the 1968 Playboy Club Bunny Manual

@ian Atlanata is smack dab int he middle of Baptist No-dancing land.

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On People You Might Not Want to Have Casual Sex With

Please throw them away. And I say this as a professional librarian. Don't donate that shit because throwing books away is a taboo. Trash it.

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