On What Should I Name My Plant?

My dwarf citrus trees are named "Hemingway" (key lime) and "The Pink Lady" (dwarf pink lemon)

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On The Great Hope of TV's Female Crime-Stoppers

Oh man, I am currently winding my way through "The Killing" and LOVING IT. She's so messed up, but she's my kind of messed up. It does seem, as the show progresses, that she winds up playing "crazy broken female in need of protecting" against her male counterparts, but that rings true to me too, in a way. She seems to be constantly sacrificing bits of herself just to get by in her world--the brutal, blood-soaked and psychologically scarring world of violent crime, which is so often relegated to men.
However, my love for the show was checked recently by this conversation with two dude friends:
"Oh man, how much do you love the protagonist of The Killing?"
"Like, Holder? The hood guy?"
"No! The lady. The MAIN CHARACTER."
"She's a sh*tty mom."
"Right, but, all of the other stuff--"
"Man, she's such a sh*tty mom."

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On The Big Book of Female Killers, Chapter 1: "The Blood Countess"

"On the night of December 29, 2010, Erzsébet and Erzsi went outside to cast a spell"--Holy Guacamole, she's a TIME TRAVELING SERIAL KILLER!

In all seriousness, fantastic article! Creepy, creepy lady.

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