On When Your Relationship Has 8,000 Facebook "Likes"

Jakob & Julia? Anyone? I just don't know about public & online relationships.... these girls seem cute, though, and I guess they aren't Julia Allison, so they've got that going for them.

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On The Best Renditions of "American Gothic" by Spanish Teenagers

#6 has totally seen the painting.

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On Beauty Q&A: Do You Smell What I Smell?

@fondue with cheddar
Ohh my god, I dated a guy in college who worked at an ice cream shop and every time he came home smelling of waffle-cone vanilla-y goodness it made me seriously swoon.

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On Scientology and Me, Part Two: What Scientologists Actually Believe

@SoBeana This is pretty much verbatim what I was going to say. Both of these have been super interesting reads.

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On Australian Woman Righteously Angry

I have a Tumblr friend claiming this same woman is anti same-sex marriage and generally not an ally to queer people in the slightest. Does anyone have any insight here?

I know, I know -- it doesn't lessen the bad assery of this clip (or maybe it does?). Just, well, disheartening.

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On Frequently Asked Questions About Tights

@falafelwaffle THIS. I love tights once they're on, but the entire process of PUTTING them on literally makes me cringe every time. (reasons: initial tightness on tights, initial tightness in crotch, crazy crotch seam that never lays straight at first, etc.)

Also, I cannot be comfortable in tights unless I am that-day shaved. I hate hair prickles when wearing tights.

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On A Window Onto the World of Tiny Homeowners

This is all well and good, but the post-poop smell would be inescapable.

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On A Window Onto the World of Tiny Homeowners

@a small sea yes! clothes! where are the clothes?

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On Dating Myself

@Fodforever omg I totally forgot about the folder forts for test privacy. Thank you for this childhood memory, hahaha.

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On Dating Myself

@mystique When I studied in Barcelona I spent a LOT of time by myself -- it is the BEST way to meet people (and I'm not usually someone who can just walk up to someone and start a conversation). People are inherently interested because you are so different from them, purely from a cultural standpoint -- take advantage of that!

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