On When You're Unemployed

Great job weathering this desolate vastness of unemployment and coming out with a job! That's like walking through the Sahara only to get an awesome tan and highlights. Your piece is very, painfully familiar. I'm in the middle of my fourth layoff induced round of unemployment. I'm pretty sure I must have pissed off a gypsy. When the panic creeps in, my mantra is, "It has to get better." My new rule is only job search every other day and never at night. Exhausted and panicked job searches lead to poor decisions.

Posted on June 23, 2014 at 7:09 pm 1

On How to Live With Your Mother When You're 37, Childless and Unemployed

I hear you! This is my fourth layoff in seven years. Those Castle reruns are extra long on Thursdays, right? I found Captain America 2 soothing because I could imagine my life being a result of Hydra infiltration. Have you gotten to the point where you imagine being an ex-Pat worker? Getting MERS would be a nice distraction from the usual...

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