On Famous People It Took Me Way Too Long To Realize Are Not the Same Person

@Emily Wernsdorfer@facebook Oh god yes me too!

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On Things We Need Words For

Flashback to the Fairly Odd Parents: It's threatening and romantic! It's threatmantic!

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On How I Became an Adult Backstreet Boys Fan

I recently bought the mp3 of "I Want it that Way" - Still amazing after all these years.

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On The Best Time I Worked As a Cruise Ship Comedian

Everything about this is great. And now I sorta want to go on a cruise.

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On Please Welcome Haley Mlotek

Welcome Haley!

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On Medical Student Syndrome

I used to proofread medical textbooks and this happened to me all the time. I have cancer! I have AIDS! I have opioid-induced constipation!

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On Headlines You'll Be Seeing Now That The Nation Is Run By A Witch Cabal

I for one welcome our new witch overlords.

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On Amy Poehler on Love

Stoked it see this movie! ...If I can find it playing anywhere.

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On Ask a Jeweler: A Beginner’s Guide to Diamonds, Part I

I worked a well-known jewelry store for a while, and they were shady as hell. I have to admit I feel smug about skipping the engagement ring business when I got married.

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On Coming Out at Work, An Introductory Queer Library, and Being "Queer Enough"

LW2: If you can, I recommend taking a trip to the Lesbian Herstory Archive (www.lesbianherstoryarchives.org) in NYC. They have great collections of all things lesbian; and addition to books and movies, you can also browse their tshirts, buttons, interviews, and newsletters.

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